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Coca-Cola Celebrates Unique Blends of Contrast for FUZETEA’s Global Platform
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Bucharest, Romania
Campaign from McCann Bucharest and Mercado McCann brings different and contrasting elements and fuses them together, mirroring the FUZETEA ingredients ​

FUZETEA – the ready-to-drink (RTD) Tea from Coca-Cola – is launching a global campaign based on the concept of contrasting fusions; building on the insight that the most unique and perfect things in the world, including humans, are not made of one singular thing, but a unique fusion of contrasts.

FUZETEA’s Made of Fusion platform, the first ever global creative E2E campaign for the brand, rests on an exciting truth about life, that every celebratory moment as well as the most emotional experiences in our lives, are actually a perfect blend of the good, the bad and the surprising. This fusion of emotions, mirrors perfectly the FUZETEA product itself, which is a contrasting triad of gentle tea, joyful fruit taste and exciting herb notes. It is this contrasting fusion which the Made of Fusion platform aims to celebrate, with a specific focus on the moment of the ‘Active Unwind’.​

'Active Unwind' is based upon the notion of taking a moment of relaxation, yet remaining energetic and uplifted at the same time.​

The creative team at McCann, working with Coca-Cola and award-winning Egyptian director Ali Ali as well as world-famous photographer Ignacio Ricci, and a team across different continents has produced a campaign that brings to life the fusion of contrasts. ​

With the RTD Tea category gaining incredible momentum and becoming increasingly more significant in the beverage sector, FUZETEA looks to capitalise on the tea category that grew over 5% last year.

FUZETEA, currently in 87 countries globally, outstripped the category last year by growing more than 20% and has aims to continue that momentum over the coming years.

George Wheen, sr. director brand strategy tea said: “We want to celebrate the intricacies and complexities of what makes us human, which perfectly mirrors the complexities and fusion of ingredients within our product. FUZETEA has as many exciting contrasts in its ingredients as the people that drink it and the world they live in. Unlike other ready-to-drink teas, FUZETEA is all about the fusion of its three unique ingredients – tea, fruit taste and herb notes – that celebrate the concept of fusion and what that concept brings to the world.”

“At Coca-Cola we are now developing End to End platforms that provide consumers and shoppers rich experiences with our brands and products. These platforms will be multi-year and will be global in their nature and we believe this is the right approach for FUZETEA. As FUZETEA continues to grow, The Made of Fusion platform has many elements that we can build on for years to come, one that will engage consumers and shoppers in a coherent and consistent way that we will believe will make them fans of FUZETEA.”

Made of Fusion will include several campaigns under its platform that will take consumers on a journey of exploration. The initial launch will commence in April in many European markets and will establish FUZETEA and its credentials. This awareness piece will be delivered across multiple channels, including TV, online videos, social media, OOH advertising and the use of influencers.

In the second and third year of the campaign, the FUZETEA Made of Fusion platform will look to optimise its approach based on the launch and continue to activate the Modern Explorer communities in new and engaging ways. ​

“Fusion is what makes us unique, in all its contrasting glory. Fusion is what makes us, US. This perfect fusion of contrasts is also what makes FUZETEA unique: not a perfect pure ingredient, but an amazing fusion of contrasting tea, fruit taste and herb notes – ready to tickle your senses during your moment of unwind,” George added.

The Made of Fusion platform creative and roll out will be delivered by agencies working for IPG – the award-winning, global provider of marketing solutions – including McCann, MRM, UM. Momentum, Octagon, ITB and Weber Shandwick.

‘The most exciting things in life are actually made of a blend of diverse, even opposite things coming together. Staying true to the 'Made Of Fusion' platform that brings together and fuzes different and contrasting elements, we produced our campaign through an exciting fusion of contrasts, where creatives, production teams and clients from the most diverse countries and cultures joined in.‘ - stated Oriol Bombi EVP, global strategy director McCann.

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