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CinemaStreet Pictures and Ed Han Show How Roomba Can Be Your Home’s Best Friend

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North Caldwell, USA
New spot demonstrates how the robotic cleaner handles pet hair by pairing it with a well-trained dog and cat
The latest TV spot for iRobot’s Roomba broke in time for Mother’s Day and stars an inquisitive housecat and a super-chill Golden Retriever, both of whom co-exist beautifully with their household’s robotic vacuum cleaner.

Titled “Play Date,” the spot was directed by Ed Han, who also provided strategic and creative direction, and was produced by CinemaStreet Pictures. Han and CinemaStreet, a certified woman-owned company, have partnered with iRobot on a number of global TV spots and product launches, providing the marketer with a turnkey creative and production solution that produces effective ad content produced in an efficient, streamlined process.

In “Play Date,” Fido and Tabby watch as the Roomba makes its way around the house, cleaning up spilled crumbs, pet hair, cereal, even kibble, as the voiceover extolls its ability to clean your house when you’re not there. It also singles out Roombas’ patented dirt detect system that attacks dirt in high traffic areas of your home. The Roomba is even seen circling the Golden Retriever as the pooch lays on the floor in a shot that every dog owner will ask, “How did they do that?’ 

As the spot winds to its conclusion the family members return, and both the dog and cat settle in for naps, tired out from watching Roomba work so hard. The ad ends with the iRobot logo and its tagline, Better Together.”

What was Han’s secret in getting the cat and dog to mesh so perfectly for this spot? “They were actually raised together, so they’re like family, and their trainer is also their owner,” says the director. This allowed Han to capture all of the scenes of the animals interacting with the Roomba in-camera, with no added post-production special effects. 

Han says the choice of these chummy four-legged friends has a strategic purpose beyond cuteness: “We’re emphasising here that Roomba can keep your home clean while the consumer isn’t there, which is why we see the device cleaning around the cat and dog,” he explains. “Previously, we’ve focused on Roomba’s ability to clean up messes made by family members, particularly kids. This is the first time we’ve addressed pet ownership as a proof point, and our talented buddies – and their relaxed, natural demeanour when around the Roomba – helped make it easy to demonstrate.”

“Play Date,” running nationally in  the US, represents the fifth collaboration between iRobot and the Han/CinemaStreet partnership. In each instance, Han draws on his deep background as an ad agency creative director to provide a strategic over-view for each brief, then supervises the writing and art direction as creative director while simultaneously mapping out the production as director. In this latter role he works closely with his production partner, CinemaStreet Pictures, which handles all aspects of producing the job. 

“Our iRobot clients loved Ed’s concept for this,” says CinemaStreet Founder and Director Dana Offenbach, who served as produced on the Roomba work. “And working with the talented crew that supports Ed helped us deliver a spot that resonates with pet owners while continuing to build on Roomba’s reputation as the iconic leader in robotic cleaners. It’s really a win-win for all involved.”

Offenbach also announced that CinemaStreet has secured new representation on the West Coast. The company is now being represented by Yvette Lubinsky of Yvette Reps. Lubinsky joins Rich Schafler and Schafler Artists, which handles the East Coast, in representing Offenbach and Han to agencies and brands.
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