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CIBC Credit Card Reminds Customers of the Joys of Cash Back Rewards

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Toronto, Canada
Dividend Visa Infinite credit card spot from Juniper Park\TBWA showcases how cash back rewards can help further client ambitions

CIBC has launched a new campaign for the CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite credit card, reminding responsible spenders of the benefits of having a credit card with cash back rewards. The campaign, which taps into the nostalgia of youthful hobbies and the joy of pursuing creative passions as an adult, was created in collaboration with Toronto-based creative agency, Juniper Park\TBWA.    

The spot opens with a reference to the past, showing a young girl taking photos with several cameras, including a one-time use model, while her older self simultaneously muses about her longstanding ambition for a professional camera. In the present day, the now adult woman contemplates purchasing a new camera, but battles with the decision as she considers the cost. Reflecting on her love for photography, the protagonist remembers that with cash back from CIBC’s Dividend Visa credit card, she has access to extra funds. True to CIBC’s new brand platform 'Ambitions Made Real', the CIBC logo, modelled as a metaphorical portal to achieving her ambitions, enables her to upgrade her equipment and continue her lifelong passion for photography.  

“Canadians love rewards, and we wanted this campaign to be a celebration of what you could do with cash back from a CIBC Dividend card to pursue your ambitions,” said Esther Benzie, vice president, marketing and client communications, CIBC. “This spot speaks to making long-held dreams a reality, with the CIBC Dividend card as a means to achieving this, responsibly.” 

“By tapping into happy memories of hobbies or passions that may have been on the backburner in recent years, this spot demonstrates that the cash back from the CIBC Dividend card can be used for something that makes you happy – whatever it may be.” says Paul Little, group creative director, Juniper Park\TBWA. 

To encapsulate the feeling of nostalgia and differentiate between the past and present, two different camera styles were used within the spot. In the scenes set in the past, the use of a Hi8 camera gives a vintage, home video look-and-feel. Custom music was also created for the spot, courtesy of OSO Music, to connect the past and present with a soundtrack that has both modern and retro elements.  

This is the first credit card campaign, and the sixth campaign overall, launched as part of CIBC’s new and transformative 'Ambitions Made Real' brand platform. The campaign launches nationally this week across TVC, OLV and social, and will be in market until the end of the year. Supplemental digital assets are also set to be released later into the campaign, showcasing around 30 additional hobbies or passions that CIBC clients care about. The campaign was directed by James Lees and produced by Soft Citizen. Post-production was handled by Rooster, music and sound design by OSO, and Media was handled by MediaCom.  

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