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Christmas in the Air In Quality Street's Festive Blizzard from J Walter Thompson

Advertising Agency
London, UK
'First sign of Christmas' showers street (and audience) in glistening sweet wrappers

45,000 Quality Street wrappers fall from the sky as families, residents and animals frolic in an idyllic snow-covered festive street as it positions the chocolate favourites as the “First sign of Christmas”. 

In selected cinema screenings, the audience will also be given a magical 4D experience with real wrappers fluttering down on them as the commercial is played.

There is also interactive projection and installation turning Covent Garden into a Quality Street- inspired Christmas wonderland for a day as well as a specially tailored Facebook campaign.

For thousands of excited consumers Christmas really starts when the Quality Street tin is opened and people dive in to rummage for their favourite. In its new campaign Quality Street looks to drive this point home with a fun and festive offering showing how its sweets are the centre point of many families’ Christmas moments and memories.

The film will launch on 23rd November with a magically festive 60” version. There will also be a 30 second cut-down. 

The ad begins with Quality Street wrappers falling like sparkling coloured snowflakes onto a picturesque snow covered street (called Quality Street, of course) as families, residents and pets play in the flurry of colour and snow. More Christmas scenes appear with a cat in a window and dad and his daughter chasing the wrappers before they evaporate into snow. 

It ends with a family dipping into the big purple tub, ready to create more Christmas memories as “The Clog Dance” from a ballet La fille m’a gardée plays. 

For the shoot Nestle changed the production line at the factory for few hours so it could send 45,000 flat empty cellophane wrappers to the set without wasting any chocolate. Three runners were then tasked with scrunching them up and flattening them out again to make sure they caught the light properly. There were 300,000 more added in post-production. 

The 60” TV ad breaks on 23 November with a 30” cut down, and the campaign runs until 30 December and is available on Quality Street’s Youtube channel. 

The campaign also includes a magical interactive OOH Snowing Wrapper projection installation in Covent Garden on 3rd December delivered in conjunction with Anthem, Project Artwork and ZenithOptimedia. There is also a social strategy using Facebook’s anthology platform to serve a sequence of four posts that tell the Quality Street story.

There will be a dynamic 20” cut down of the main TVC introducing viewers to Quality Street, establishing where all the magic happens, and another introducing viewers to the residents with amusing insights of what life is like. Facebook will serve two separate films to two separate target segments.

David Masterman, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “The proper start of Christmas is when the Quality Street tub appears. It’s as magical as the first snowflake. So we made Quality Street a wonderful place where it snows wrappers."

 Rob Brown, the Marketing Manager at Quality Street, said: “Opening Quality Street signals that Christmas is here and we want to make sure mums and families can create many memorable moments that they will cherish for a long time to come.” 

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