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CHI&Partners & Adstream Partner to Deliver Samsung Curved Ultra HD TV Spot
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Partnering with Adstream, CHI&Partners was able to draw on capabilities of Adbank utility

The launch of Samsung’s 65-inch curved UHD TV in March 2014 marked one of the biggest and most exciting campaigns for the technology giant in recent years. The global marketing campaign for what Samsung heralds as “the world’s first and largest curved UHD TV” began with the release of its blockbuster UHD coliseum advertisement in May.

CHI&Partners, the advertising agency selected by Samsung to deliver the project, came up with the concept of a gladiatorial coliseum, in which a father and son (who are actually watching the action from their sofa) find themselves surrounded by a baying crowd in the centre of the arena. The production was a huge project lasting eight weeks, during which CHI&Partners built a coliseum in a disused quarry in New Zealand, inhabited by 350 crew, cast and extras.

However, arguably the greatest challenge for CHI&Partners did not lie in the production process, but in managing the global distribution of the advertisement and all supporting collateral in a manner that is accessible to all of the partner agencies and media houses around the world.

Until recently, many organisations around the world, particularly in developing markets, lacked the bandwidth to receive or support large digital files. As a result, Samsung stored most digital assets on tapes that were distributed via couriers. However, with the continued rise of the Internet and digital technologies CHI&Partners required a new process to meet a change in demand.

The platform also needed to be accessible by CHI&Partners and Samsung, as well as by agency partners around the world, and provide the opportunity to track and report on all activity.

By partnering with Adstream, CHI&Partners was able to draw on the capabilities of its Adbank utility, an integrated platform for digital asset management and distribution. It enables Adstream to deliver more than two million assets per year to over 30,000 media owners in 106 countries.

Clients and partner agencies can upload all of their assets into a single, secure project environment on Adbank. Only authorised personnel can perform specific actions, ensuring assets and brand values are protected and a complete audit trail can be maintained. Adbank is accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time, across multiple browsers and devices, so guarantees clients, their customers and partnering agencies all have access to digital assets at any given time.

The technology enabled CHI&Partners to reach a total of 77 markets, including countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

The Adbank facility used by CHI&Partners generated a 33 per cent saving for Samsung, which previously used couriers to deliver tapes of all assets to international markets. Using a Digital Asset Management and distribution service, rather than relying on hand delivery, also ensured CHI&Partners had far greater control and visibility of assets, which in the past have been known to go missing or become delayed in customs for long periods of time.

In addition to the massive cost saving and security benefits, Adbank streamlined the delivery process for CHI&Partners leading to huge time savings and, crucially, increasing speed to market.

Furthermore, the rise of the Internet and digital technology in developing countries means Samsung no longer has to rely on vans and planes to share advertising content with partner agencies, reducing fuel emissions and helping to improve the company’s global carbon footprint.

Gary Simmons, Business Director at CHI&Partners, comments: “Adbank not only offers peace of mind that assets will arrive with all parties securely and on time, but the ability for multiple people to access the utility from multiple markets, via multiple channels and devices.

A daily report gives us the opportunity to track the performance of individual assets in different markets, which means that throughout the Samsung campaign we could see precisely who is downloading the various assets. This level of reporting and analysis simply isn’t possible when delivering content by hand. It has revolutionised the service we can offer customers and, consequently, further strengthened our relationship with Samsung.”

Daniel Hearn, Business Development Director, Adstream comments: “It’s been extremely rewarding to see the benefits that CHI&Partners and, consequently, Samsung, has enjoyed as a result of using Adbank to manage the global delivery of the UHD TV collateral. We have forged an incredibly successful partnership with CHI&Partners and it’s great to know that Adstream has played a pivotal role in the implementation of a fantastic advertising campaign.”

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