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Cheil Worldwide Stands Against Crime with Creative New Campaign

Advertising Agency
Seoul, South Korea
The Stop Downloadkill campaign reduced up to 21% of illegal voyeur video distribution using fake voyeur videos
Global advertising companies are no longer focused merely on making profit. They’re looking at bigger, more multi-dimensional goals—like addressing various social issues. An increasing number of companies have started to look into providing solutions through their creativity, and their efforts have significant meaning because these ideas can bring about social and cultural change. Examples include changing people’s perspective on gender and race, easing the tension between different generations, and increasing awareness of the seriousness of global warming. Creative solutions can prevent and reduce serious social crime and ensure public safety. But the biggest value lies in the fact that they can make a real contribution in saving lives. 

Cheil Worldwide’s Stop Downloadkill campaign is a great example of how creative ideas helped prevent crime, even from behind the scenes. The campaign targeted the growing issue of illegal voyeur videos in Korea. According to Korea’s National Police Agency, illegal hidden camera crimes have increased by 540% in the past eight years. This represents a significant growth, with a total of 5,185 reported cases in 2016 compared to 807 in 2009. It’s clear that illegal voyeur videos have become a major social problem.

Voyeur videos showing specific body parts of women or women engaging in sexual acts were being distributed illegally through various channels. The victims, mostly women, are left to deal with extreme psychological pain. In the worst cases, some choose to take drastic measures and end their lives.

Cheil Worldwide wanted to provide a solution that could make an actual difference. After endless hours of ideation, it came up with the Stop Downloadkill campaign. The goal was to give the people who illegally distribute and watch voyeur videos a chance to be more self-aware of their actions. Cheil Worldwide proposed the campaign to the Busan police department, and the department embraced the idea. The campaign kicked off.

Cheil Worldwide and the Busan police department worked closely together to create several fake voyeur videos with embedded warning messages. The fake videos began in a similar way to real voyeur videos but abruptly ended with the woman in a terrifying ghost form. This was followed with a powerful message: “You could be the one that made her kill herself. The police are watching you.”

The Busan police department uploaded these videos 170 times per day at twenty-three file sharing sites that are often used for distributing voyeur videos. A total of 3,500 videos were uploaded, and 51,399 videos were downloaded between October and December 2017. The horrific twist and powerful warning message created a strong synergy, reducing video distribution up to 21% during the campaign period.

The campaign was covered by major Korean news channels as well as foreign media. It received a highly positive response from media for its creativity and the actual results it brought.

The Busan police department even sent Cheil Worldwide an official letter expressing gratitude for the successful campaign. In addition, several NGOs for women are actively distributing the campaign video online and making it go viral.
Cheil Worldwide has continuously developed ideas to help prevent crime. In 2014, it came up with the idea of designing smart lighting that utilised the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED.

CPTED prevents crime and reduces the fear of crime by designing structures in residential areas that deter criminal behaviour. The smart lighting ‘Hey! Light’ was the result of Cheil Worldwide’s idea. What made it interesting is that it used an interactive lighting message system. It would act as a normal light when no one is around, but when someone passed by, the passive infrared sensor would react and shine the word “Hey!” on the ground along with a silhouette of the police mascot Podori. By installing the lighting in crime-ridden districts in Busan, pedestrians were able to be more aware of their surroundings and criminals were able to see the warning signs. The lighting received positive feedback for playing an effective role in crime prevention.

Crime prevention campaigns are running not just in Korea, but throughout Asia and even in the US. A great example is the Watchdogs campaign in collaboration with the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. This campaign used smart technology to help stray dogs become watchdogs for public security.The dogs wore vests that were equipped with a small camera, Wi-Fi, and sensors, playing the role of a walking CCTV. It would help police find and respond to the crime scene faster, while also providing a solution for Thailand’s severe stray dog situation. It would be a solution that would help kill two birds with one stone.

Gun violence is a growing issue in the US. Cheil Worldwide’s affiliate McKinney came up with a unique idea to help raise awareness.The #ChangetheForecast campaign was an idea to help prevent school shootings by constantly keeping people aware of the gun violence situation and emphasising safety. The idea was to show people the daily gun violence status on billboards, online banners, weather apps, and news. These would be shown in parallel to the weather forecast so that people would be constantly aware of gun violence, as they are of the weather.

“As the leading advertising agency in Korea, it is significantly meaningful that our creativity can benefit not just companies, but also the public, and even save lives,” said a Cheil Worldwide representative. “This is not the end. We will continue to find solutions that will contribute to public safety and preventing crime.”