Cervezas Alhambra Slows Down for Psychological Short Film from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

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The film comes from the beverage brand's philosophy, 'stop more, feel more'
Cervezas Alhambra Slows Down for Psychological Short Film from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Photographer and Co-Writer: Curro Chozas

The awarded Spanish director and screenwriter Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, known for projects like his short film Esposados or the film Intacto reapers now with 4x, a psychological short film for the beverage brand Cervezas Alhambra.

The campaign is based in two steps, one quicker 4x version and another 1x with the normal rhythm. His campaign highlights in those two steps the concept of “fast”. A reflection about the way we enjoy the things happening around us. The brand asks viewers, “what do you see when you want to see it all?”.

'Fast' is the tendency of trying to consume content quicker, to be able to watch more in less time.

With Tamar Novas as main character, the short film focuses on the incapability to see more and points to the importance of giving time to contents and life. The project is born from the brand's philosophy, “stop more, feel more”.

You can discover the full experience for yourself by clicking here.

And you can check out the 4x trailer for the project below:

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Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

AD: Sara Bermejo Executive producer

Producer: Camila Cristeche AD

Production director: Carola Bisci

Production Manager: Alberto Carrasco

AP: Miriam Pompa

AP: Amaia Azcona

AP: Samuel Leal

AP: Alberto Martín

AP: Raúl Martínez

AP: Miguel Bastida DOP

Camera assistant: Mario Pérez

AC: Carlos Medina del sur Vídeo Assist

Aux Sonido: Martín Gamarra Gaffer

AS: Sergio Rodríguez

MUA: Gegé Godoy

AM: Ivana Rodriguez Making Of

Postproduction: Elena Vergel Postproduction

Postproduction: Francisco Molina

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