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Celebrate the Year of the (Office) Doggo


Do yourself a favour and get to know the creative industry’s power pooches

Celebrate the Year of the (Office) Doggo
“Having a dog in the office changes the way people work. In times of stress she can calm a whole room by wandering in and asking to be stroked,” Electric Theatre Collective founder Lee Pavey says of his buddy Tubbs, the English bulldog. 

Tubbs is just one of the many canine characters you’ll find making the world of agencies and production that bit more bearable. There’s the case of dogs being, well, dogs, and just generally cute, awesome, chirpy beings. But on top of that, scientific studies demonstrate having a pooch about the place can improve both employee morale and productivity. 

It’s also Chinese New Year on Friday 16th, and guess what? This year, the Chinese 12-year cycle of animals falls on that of man’s – and woman’s - best friend, the hound, the pup, the pooch, the mutt, the flea bag, the DOG. 

And what better reason to get to know some of adland’s cutest canines? 

Take it away doggos (in no particular order). 

1. Beanie

o Name: Beanie
o Breed: Terrier Mix
o Office: Omelet, LA
“Beanie knows there’s a flower in every one of us. She hopes that in 2018, we stop to smell them.”

2. Leroy

o Name: Leroy 
o Breed: Cardigan Corgie
o Office: Stink, NY
"Leroy is a veteran of CP+B, Instrument, W+K, 72andSunny and Stink. Someone you know knows him, but he only cares if you have a meat product available."

3 & 4. Amos and Otis Emhoff

o Name: Amos and Otis Emhoff
o Breed: Schnoodles
o Office: Prettybird, LA
“Our mom travels a lot. We hope she stays home in 2018!”

5. Jean Genie

o Name: Jean Genie
o Breed: Cairn Terrier
o Office: RSA, London
“This is Jean Genie, the Cairn Terrier who is at RSA Films London a few days a week. She is a public relations bitch in the nicest possible sense of the term as she's almost always friendly to all people and other dogs. She also practices with a Tai Chi class once a week in the local park. She has been to Chinatown and Trafalgar Square for Chinese New Year celebrations in London before but was disappointed by the lack of pet-friendly restaurants. It’s dog chow for her at home this year!” Follow @dogsofrsafilms

6. Toby

o Name: Toby 
o Breed: Shihtzu x Papillon 
o Office: 72andSunny, LA
“In 2018 Toby hopes to make more friends, chase more balls, give more cuddles, and basically live his best life!”

7. Spock

o Name: Spock
o Office: Psyop, LA
“I hope for world peace, universal treats for all puppers, and a good belly scratch in 2018!”

8. Murphy

o Name: Murphy
o Breed: Australian Shepard and Labrador Mix
o Office: jumP, LA
“Murphy hopes to do more dog food commercials.”

9. Saffron

o Name: Saffron
o Breed: Maltese
o Office: Anonymous Content, LA
“I hope for world peace, responsible fishing, several commercial shoots in the South of France, and more grilled chicken with my kibble.”

10. Tubbs

o Name: Tubbs
o Breed: English Bulldog
o Office: Electric Theatre Collective, London
“People think she got her name due to her size but she was really named after a character from the League of Gentleman. She snores so loud you can hear her two floors above where she sleeps.”

11 & 12. Otto and Dougal McDougal The Poodle

o Name: Otto (left) and Dougal McDougal The Poodle (but Dougal for short) (right)
o Breed: Both miniature poodles
o Office: The OTTO Empire, Melbourne
“The boys light up everyone’s day, hand out love and affection liberally, add some colour and fun and generally make coming into work that little bit better. It also helps to have the company’s name sake on the premises, I say. It’s not every dog that has a production company named after him. Otto is very good on conference calls - he’s a great listener. And Dougal sniffs out the best images and references for treatments and remembers everyone’s coffee orders too.”

13. Teddy

o Name: Teddy
o Breed: Standard Poodle
o Office: LBBonline, London
“Teddy has just turned one and he is properly massive. He also loves staring out the window of LBB's Soho HQ in the hope of spotting former Hollyoaks actors outside of the Groucho. You can follow him at @TeddyTheGent.”

14. Arnold

o Name: Arnold
o Breed: Cockapoo (or Spoodle in Australia, a slightly better name).
o Office: Droga5, NY
“There are only two things Arnold hates; uncertainty and cardboard boxes. Here's hoping 2018 subjects him to neither.” 

15. Peanut

o Name: Peanut 
o Breed: Mutt - Shiba Inu x Chihuahua 
o Office: 72andSunny, LA
“Peanut’s hope for 2018 is to travel more and meet new people. Follow Peanut at @petite_peanut.”

16. Jack

o Name: Jack
o Office: Psyop, LA 
“I’ll strive to take full advantage of food hand outs, laying out in the sun, and be able to communicate to my human...ARuuuuu? Until all priorities are met then maybe I'll think about going on a diet... maybe.”

17. Babz

o Name: Babz 
o Breed: French Bulldog 
o Office: Stink, NY
"Babz is a two-year-old brindle French Bulldog. She likes to snuggle with whomever is working on the couches and beg for snacks during lunchtime."

18. Skylar

o Name: Skylar
o Breed: Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix)
o Office: Serial Pictures, LA
“I hope for better production budgets to fund an unlimited supply of rawhides.”

19 & 20. Butters and Axel

o Name: Butters (left) and Axel (right) 
o Breed: Butters is a Havanese and Axel is a Cockapoo
o Office: Huge, NY
"We hope to never face a challenge alone in 2018."

21. Tofu

o Name: Tofu
o English Bulldog
o Office: Deutsch, LA
“Tofu’s hope for 2018 is that all the pups who are still in a shelter find a loving home like he did. And may the family who adopts them feed them bacon and cheeseburgers whenever they want.”

22. Rufus

o Name: Rufus
o Breed: German Shepherd
o Office: Native Content, LA
“Rufus’ hopes for 2018 include upping his scavenging game, maximising nap time potential and graduating from good dog, to great dog. If all else fails, he plans to service the great city of LA by clearing its streets of half-eaten burritos, discarded bananas (preferably with skins on) and small- to medium-sized roadkill, one mouthful at a time. Follow Rufus at @rufusgsd.”

23. Beans

o Name: Beans
o Office: Psyop, LA
“Beans was found/rescued by a producer at Psyop and then we permanently adopted her. She is the most senior dog in the LA office. She loves treats, loves/hates squirrels and hate hates baths.”

24. Billy

o Name: Billy
o Breed: ‘Mega Mutt’, wired hair terrier mix
o Office: Team One, LA
“Billy hopes that people who never thought they would own a dog would give a rescue dog a chance, like his mom and dad did. It’s been a life-changing experience for Billy and his parents. So much so that they got a second dog.”

25. Maverick

o Name: Maverick
o Office: Psyop, LA
“I hope to pee more to show my excitement.”

26. Daryl

o Name: Daryl
o Breed: Dachshund
o Office: 72andSunny, LA
“Daryl hopes to get to the dog park more and fight the urge to steal things from his mommy.”

27. Boss

o Name: Boss
o Breed: Maltese Terrier Teacup
o Office: RSA, London
“Hi, my name is Boss, I’m in the RSA / Scott Free Films Soho offices most days mooching and a sniffing and receiving plenty of cuddles! I also do a bit of modelling on the side. If you say “profile” my head turns for lens! Liberty and their concessionary Instagram accounts love to post photos of me, as the below photo shows, and also most shops and restaurants in Soho know me by name. See you around, laters, Boss.” Follow @dogsofrsafilms

28. Watson

o Name: Watson
o Breed: Bichon Maltese
o Office: enso, LA
"My hope for 2018 is that humans will start to remember that while we're all different, we're also all the same, and all deserve love no matter their size, colour or breed."

29. Row

o Name: Row 
o Breed: Pomeranian
o Office: Stink, NY 
“This is Row, a one-year-old pomeranian and the self-proclaimed ruler of the Stink Studios New York office. Only responds to commands when offered bribes - preferably high fashion clothing."

30. Lola

o Name: Lola
o Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
o Office: Lee Films, Madrid
“Lola is the daughter of Pancho, the famous dog that starred in the Lotería de Navidad's ad.”

31. Herc

o Name: Herc 
o Breed: Brussels Griffon 
o Office: Stink, NY
"This is Hercules Humphrey, a Brussels Griffon from Australia. He sounds a bit like a chicken when he barks and wishes he could be taken a little more seriously around the office."

32. Copper

o Name: Copper
o Breed: Papillon Mix
o Office: 72andSunny, LA
“In 2018, Copper hopes to experience more of L.A.'s best restaurant patios and for peace and equality between all creatures (except squirrels). He also hopes his dad will drop more of the good deli meat while making his lunch every day, and wishes that this will be the year ABBA finally reunites.”

33. Petunia

o Name: Petunia 
o Breed: Dachscund 
o Office: Stink, NY
"This is Petunia, a five-year-old dachshund. She’s a little stinker in many ways, and has been known to use her good looks to steal your food."

34. Captain

o Name: Captain
o Breed: Cockapoodle
o Office: Stink, London
“Top dog in London, Captain, finds herself steering the ship sat in prime position in our director's lounge. She always welcomes food and tasty snacks in exchange for a belly scratch or cuddle.”

35. Roxy

o Name: Roxy 
o Breed: Three-legged mutt 
o Office: Stink, NY
"Roxy is an 11-year-old tri-pawd mutt. If you’d ask her she’d tell you she’s been retired, but she’ll come to the office for snuggles between the nap that is life."

36. Ralph

o Name: Ralph
o Breed: Jack Russell x Chihuahua 
o Office: RSA, London
“At nine-and-a-half Ralph is the elder statesman of the office. A big Arsenal fan, he loves the footy. Always willing to sit up on his hind legs for a good well-earned scratch, Ralph is possibly the most chilled dog in Soho." Follow @dogsofrsafilms

37. Bolo

o Name: Bolo 
o Breed: Boston Terrier 
o Office: Stink, NY 
"Bolo, famous for his Winston Churchill glare and throwing shade, is a playful senior citizen and responds to the code name: Sharknado. This one goes to 11."

38. Sammie

o Name: Sammie 
o Breed: Blue Merle Mini Australian Shepherd 
o Office: Stink, NY 
"Sammie, a Blue Merle Mini Australian Shepherd, has nearly a decade of experience sleeping in top-tier digital A-bombgencies. He has no tail, but has learned to overcome by wagging his entire butt."

39. Molly

o Name: Molly
o Office: Psyop, LA
“I hope to finally catch the squirrel in the backyard (obviously for a chance to have a civil conversation about boundaries) and book another photo shoot with Calvin Ching. She keeps life simple.”

40. Pickle

o Name: Pickle
o Breed: Parsons Jack Russell Terrier
o Office: RSA, London
“This is Pickle. She loves design and animation and is very similar to the dog Snowy, who has a human named Tintin and has many adventures. She loves popping into the office but prefers to stay at home with her favourite little human Noah.” Follow @dogsofrsafilms

41. Barry

o Name: Barry
o Breed: Australian labradoodle
o Office: Team One, LA
“I’ve been working at Team One going on a year now, and while the free snacks and hourly masseuses are nice perks, a dog’s got backyard dreams! Really hoping this unpaid internship results in a full-time employment situation. If not, I’m available for hire. Instagram me at @barrythedood.”

42. Graham

o Name: Graham
o Breed: Golden Retreiver 
o Office: 72andSunny, LA
"Graham hopes for more of everything:
- Hikes
- Belly scratches
- Peanut butter treats 
- Lots of couches with pillows for naps
- Finally catch that tail that keeps following me
- Summer Fridays"
Follow Graham at @doggygraham

43. Buster

o Name: Buster
o Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
o Office: RSA, London
“This is Buster! He’s the youngest member of the RSA pack and has a busy day trying to bother the other dogs and humans in the office to play with him… or just a have cuddle. He loves smooching around the office and he loves even more going out to meetings so he can sniff around for new friends. He’s in most days if he’s not out walking with his dog-walker.” Follow @dogsofrsafilms

44. Moose

o Name: Moose (aka Moose the Caboose) 
o Office: Psyop, LA
“High hopes for a torrential downpour of squeaky tennis balls…”

45. Cocco

o Name: Cocco
o Breed: Maltese Bichon
o Office: Lee Films, Madrid

46. Precious 

o Name: Precious
o Breed: American Staffordshire
o Office: enso, LA
“I hope that people will look past my big pittie head and realise there is a lot of love (and licks) to give. <3" 

47. Bibi

o Name: Bibi
o Office: Psyop, LA
“I hope for world peace and bacon…”

48. Cooper

o Name: Cooper
o Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
o Office: Lee Films, Madrid

49. Sully

o Name: Sully 
o Breed: Taiwanese Mountaindog 
o Office: Stink, NY
"Sully, a Taiwan Dog, is the perfect producer: he is quick to read a room, has a strong grasp on non-verbal cues, and evades risk at all costs. Most importantly, he doesn’t know the word ‘no’.”

50. Bingo

o Name: Bingo
o Breed: King Charles Cavalier
o Office: 72andSunny, LA
“Bingo's Hopes for 2018: 1. Increase nap time to 22 hours a day. 2. Increase short term memory to 4 minutes. 3. Learn the people word for ‘Cuddles’ 4. Eat more floor chicken”

51. Ira

o Name: Ira
o Breed: Akita mixed with Malinoise
o Office: Lee Films, Madrid

52. Oscar

o Name: Oscar
o Breed: Parsons Jack Russell x Yorkshire Terrier 
o Office: RSA, London
“This is Oscar, head of security, of the space under his humans desk. In the office everyday, Golden Square is his Soho happy place. Loves to be on set socialising and meeting new people. Woof.” Follow @dogsofrsafilms

53. Olivia

o Name: Olivia
o Breed: Shepherd Dog
o Office: Lee Films, Madrid

54. Syrah

o Name: Syrah
o Office: Psyop, LA
“I hope that all my sheep finally learn to take care of themselves…”

55. Bert

o Name: Bert, Chief Executive Dog
o Breed: Miniature Labradoodle
o Office: Impero
“Bert adores his dad Michael, Creative Director at Impero, and follows him around religiously. Being top dog in an agency of five other pooches, Bert certainly throws his weight around, and loves a good grumble if they underperform on the job. Plus, none of the other dog's parents are majority shareholders! In fact, it's rumoured he is second in line to the throne if something were to happen (God forbid) to the boss.”

56. Oscar

o Name: Oscar
o Breed: Miniature Dachshund (pure breed)
o Office: FCB Inferno
"Oscar’s middle names are Mischief, because he is opportunistic as f*ck, and Naomi Campbell (ironically, because he has the tiniest legs and the biggest attitude)."

57. Hector

o Name: Hector 
o Office: FCB Inferno 
"Hector's biggest achievement to date has been learning to sit still on a bar stool - a must for any agency dog."

58. Dempsey

o Name: Dempsey
o Breed: English Bull Terrier
o Office: MullenLowe, LA
"Dempsey hopes the New Year brings popcorn and peanut butter in abundance. Meanwhile, his mom just hopes that this is the year his snoring is reduced to a dull roar while in the office."

59. Comet

o Name: Comet
o Breed: Golden Retriever
o Office: VML, London
"Comet enjoys bringing a smile to all the VML faces, and his favourite office spot is guarding the beer fridges."

60. Susie

o Name: Susie
o Breed: Miniature Schnauzer / Rottweiler Mix
o Office: UNIT London
"I love snuggling up on the sofa and riding the lift. If you’ve got cheesy puffs or chicken shwarma from the bin (don't judge me) I be your BFF."

61. Jasper

Name: Jasper
Breed: Rescue Mutt, Terrier Mix (Wheaten Schnauzer perhaps)
Office: Taylor James, NY
“Jasper is a true southern gentleman, a rescue from Tennessee. When he is not working at Taylor James, he can be found at old age homes working with Alzheimer’s patients, and he moonlights as a model! He loves to travel; some of his favourite destinations include Palm Springs, Miami Beach and Aspen, Colorado.”

62. Maggie May

Name: Maggie May
Breed: Border Terrier
Office: LBB’s Essex Home Office
Maggie May is 13 weeks tomorrow. She likes terrorising her older sister, a thirteen year old lab called Dolly Parton. She loves falling asleep on a lap. She loves all people and dogs and squeals with delight when there is a knock at the door.

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