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CDP Institute Selects AZK Media for ANZ Emerging Markets Partnership

Marketing & PR
Manly, Australia
AZK Media responsible for informing Customer Data Platform industry leaders about the latest insights across the ANZ region as CDP market forecast growth hits $1.5bn

Global B2B Media and Marketing Firm AZK Media has announced a partnership with renowned Customer Data Platform leader The CDP Institute to inform the Institute’s new ‘Emerging Markets’ content channel.

AZK Media has been selected as the CDP Institute’s ANZ correspondent, to inform over 2,000 CDP Institute Members every week of the latest insights and news across customer data and martech specific to the region.

A Customer Data Platform is a packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. The popularity of CDPs has grown exponentially in the past few years as companies understand the need for CDP to help them deliver a unified customer experience.

A recent CDP Institute Industry Update report predicts the industry should be worth $1.5 billion this year. CDP employment grew by 25% in 2020, to more than 10,000, and the number of CDP vendors grew by 35% to 133. Accelerated digital transformation during the Covid-19 pandemic made companies even more aware of the need for CDPs.

Given the surge in CDP usage worldwide and in emerging markets such as the ANZ region, the CDP Institute wanted to educate employees, thought leaders and executives in the industry on what is happening on a regular basis.

Azadeh Williams, founder and managing partner of AZK Media, says working with a global industry leader such as The CDP Institute opens an exciting opportunity to continue educating and informing marketing and business leaders about the future innovations in data-driven decision making that drive better customer experiences.

She says: "CDPs are becoming more prevalent within the marketing space, but there is still a lack of education and confusion between the differences between CDPs, DMPs, CRMs, and other technologies. 

"As an agency passionate about helping Martech and CDP vendors grow in the APAC region, we believe the CDP Institute’s Emerging Markets content channel will be a key force for accelerating the industry’s deeper understanding of the value of CDPs in today’s complex digital marketing ecosystem." 

David Raab, founder and CEO of The CDP Institute says he is thrilled to partner with AZK Media to help the Institute scale knowledge of CDPs across the ANZ region. 

"We chose AZK Media because they demonstrated a genuine passion and deeper understanding of Customer Data Platforms, its complexities, challenges and opportunities. They also share the same passion for knowledge sharing, which is particularly important within the marketing landscape - as the only way our industry can evolve is through constant learning and education."

The Emerging Markets content channel informs readers about marketing and technology developments in Australia, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and the Gulf Coast, Africa, and Latin America. News for each region is collected by a local correspondent who is an expert in customer data management. Channel contents are emailed weekly to CDP Institute members who live in these regions and to others who ask to be added to the list. 

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