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'Carla Houston on Water Conservation' For Model Environment

Northern Light and Model Environment bare all


New York/Los Angeles-based post production boutique Northern Lights editor Brandon Beck, Mr. Wonderful, NY compositor/colorist Chris Hengeveld and prodco The Artists Company, Bicoastal deliver a revealing, eco-conscious 1:11 PSA, “Carla Houston on Water Conservation” for Model Environment, an organization of fashion models bringing awareness to environmental and social issues.  The online PSA features scantily-clad model Carla Houston doling out water conservation tips to several of her clones as they go about their daily household tasks.  The PSA is part of a series of online PSAs featuring green models including “Helene Traasavik on Toilet Paper” and “Nina Smidt on Cleaning Products.”
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Beck created the initial green screen composites of Houston’s alter egos in Avid with Hengeveld taking on the final passes in order to achieve a higher level of believability through lens focusing and final compositing.  The four contrasting roles provided a unique challenge, requiring Beck to match eye lines to create the illusion that the four clones were actually live actors interacting with each other.  Notes Beck, “When I initially took a look at the boards, it was obvious that this was going to the most textured spot of the series.”  In addition to the visual effects challenges, Beck also employed creative editing to strategically conceal certain body parts of the nude model to keep the PSA provocative, yet appropriate.  Adds Hengeveld, “The goal was to eliminate any evidence of green screen to the trained and untrained eye.  This was challenging as the location was quite confined, requiring the principals to be filmed close to the screen; it’s always preferable to place them at a distance.  But the director Jeffrey Karoff and Brandon did an excellent job blocking and cutting, so with careful compositing the clones feel real.”  Hengeveld also used Lustre for color correction.  Continues Hengeveld, “Lustre was great for isolating colors and accentuating different blues per the director.  It also easily dialed back other hues for the desired look.”              
“Carla Houston on Water Conservation” opens on Houston in the shower, the water wastefully pouring from the showerhead down the drain as she shaves her legs.  While concentrating intently on shaving, an eco-conscious Houston clone appears to turn off the water abruptly and demand, “And while it’s heating up, collect it.”  In the kitchen, another Houston clone lets the sink water run while she mindlessly soaps dishes.  The two Houstons quickly come to her side, shut off the water and spank her for being so careless.  Out on the deck, the last clone is watering rose bushes, spilling excess amounts of hose water everywhere until the other three come out to hand her a bucket of shower water to use instead.  We conclude on the four Houstons on the deck approving of two other clone women bathing down below with rainwater followed by a series of supers, “Take five minute showers,” “Fill a sink when washing dishes” and “Plant water wise gardens.”  The Model Environment logo closes out the PSA.  
Production Company: The Artists Company, Bicoastal 
Director: Jeffrey Karoff
DP: Anghel Decca
Producer: Stephanie Marshall
Written by: Christy Beck and Jeffrey Karoff
Editorial Company: Northern Lights, NY
Editor: Brandon Beck 
Stylist: Oakley Stevenson
Hair & Makeup: Hortencia Lopez The Salon by Maxime
Bathing model: Antonia Dernoscheg
1st AC: Craig Devereux
2nd AC: Kristi Andrs
Gaffer: Mike Withers
Key Grip: Ben Blum and Nick Sogard
Production Designer: Brandon Nicholas
Sound: Joe Hettinger and Rudy Alvarado
VTR: Micah Lashbrook and Jeff Bernard
PAs: Michael Marshall and Ben Hollick
Post Production: Mr. Wonderful, NY
Compositor/Colorist: Chris Hengeveld
Audio Post: SuperExploder, NY
Sound Mixer: Tony Sprayberry
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Loterie Nationale