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Career X Culture with Senior Manager of Digital, Parker Laramore

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London, UK
iProspect sits down with Parker in the US to discuss his proudest accomplishments, what iProspect means to him and how he would explain his job to a child

Welcome to Career X Culture, an ongoing series showcasing the talented people of iProspect and their unique backgrounds, passions, and accomplishments. 

In this edition, meet Parker Laramore, a senior manager of digital at iProspect US. Parker reflects on the importance of championing the customer experience and the vital role data plays in building solutions for clients. Read more about Parker and his role, in his Q&A interview below: 

Q> What is one skill they do not teach in school that you use every day? 

Parker> Data plays a big role in the work I do. I use data to solve problems, but more importantly, I convince the client where the problem lies in the data. I think it would be so beneficial to build a class around students using data to pinpoint trends and problems. 

Q> What was your first job? What was the most important skill/lesson you learned? 

Parker> I’ve been working since I was 13, but out of college I was a social media manager for a start up company in Texas. It was a small company, and I had a lot of time with the CEO. He taught me the importance of always championing the user and customer experience. The best skill that I learned at that job was being able to say, “this is what I am hearing you say, is that correct?” This is such a simple communication skill, but it has saved me from problems that come from a simple lack of understanding.

Q> How would you describe your job to a child? 

Parker> “You watch TikToks? I put videos on TikTok!”

Q> Tell us about an accomplishment you’re most proud of during your time at iProspect? 

Parker> When I first started at iProspect, I was working with a client who was struggling to drive revenue in certain countries. We saw a great click through rate, but it wasn’t translating into profit. I began researching employment trends and found that those countries had some of the highest unemployment rates. I presented this data to my client and got the go-ahead to pull advertisements from this area. This showed me that, even as a new member of iProspect’s team, if you can make an argument based on data, people will listen.

Q> Is there an early working experience or somebody you met that shaped/exposed you to your current career path? 

Parker> When I was a new associate, one of my directors set aside time to show me how to re-traffic a campaign. It was incredibly helpful, as it changed the way I looked at running advertising campaigns and provided me with a toolset that still helps me to this day when I find myself in sticky situations. The best part is that she didn’t do it just because it made her look good, but to help me grow personally and professionally. That showed me leadership from a different angle: servant leadership. I model my current leadership role after what I learned from this experience. 

Q> For me, iProspect is the Intersection of _______ and _______?

Parker> People and technology!

iProspect is built by individuals from different backgrounds, all united by a common passion – the acceleration of brands through knowledge of culture and technology. Interested in learning more? Check out the iProspect LinkedIn page here.