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Capri Sun's Irreverent ‘Break Free TV’ Helps Kids Escape the Pressures of Being Kids

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San Francisco, USA
Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Blinkink’s James Papper bring the animated series to life

Did you know that on average, young kids have 2.7 hours of homework and 5.3 hours of structured activities scheduled in each week, alongside school and chores? This leaves little space for them to have unstructured break time where they can explore what they like independently. Capri Sun, kids’ #1 favourite juice drink, that provides kids with a mini-break as they drink, is championing better breaks with a new content series: Break Free TV. Instead of running ads telling kids to enjoy more free time, the iconic juice brand has created a mini entertainment moment that helps kids do just that.

No two episodes feature the same storyline or medium, intentionally, but rather five unique shorts that bring fun, simple and creative content to kids allowing them to break free of the realities around them - ultimately letting kids just be kids. The content stars a rapping bee, a self-aware bubble, naughty clouds, a laugh designer and a cushion that doesn’t like being sat on. Claymation, puppetry, animation, CGI and stop motion were used to bring each script to life. Each episode kicks off with a captivating intro, where a kid gets sucked into the Capri Sun world via the iconic yellow straw.

Across several campaigns from Kraft Heinz this past year, the food and beverage powerhouse is continuing to place a core emphasis on creativity and its consumers in everything each brand does. Capri Sun’s Break Free TV is no different and yet another great example of how Kraft Heinz is doing just that, evolving to meet consumers where they are (i.e. kids on YouTube) and be more engaging in a culturally relevant way. The YouTube show also part of Capri Sun’s larger brand strategy to drive independence and ensure kids ‘seize childhood by the pouch’. Beginning Friday, July 15th, Capri Sun sippers will be able to engage with the short series on the popular platform and laugh along with us. 

Capri Sun created the irreverent five-part mini-show, via Goodby Silverstein & Partners, and London-based animation studio, Blinkink. Blinkink’s director, James Papper brought various animators together to create Break Free TV, ranging from obscure Instagram artists, to seasoned vets, who have worked on Adult Swim, Fantastic Mr Fox, Isle of Dogs, music videos for Drake and more. 

Check out all the episodes here.

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