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Cannes Forecast: Simon Elborne’s Three Roaring Lions

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London, UK
Outsider Head of Sales & Marketing picks his big winners

These three memorable films are the biggies that Outsider Head of Sales and Marketing, Simon Elborne, thinks deserve to bag a Lion or two in Cannes. There’s *that* Epic Split, a second-a-day Syria spot that’s as important as it is shocking, and the most elegant of gents for Guinness. 

Volvo 'Epic Split'

Brief: Find a way to advertise the precision and stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering. Answer: Reverse two massive trucks in parallel, and slowly but steadily move them apart with Belgian movie star legend Jean-Claude Van Damme standing on opposite wing mirrors eventually performing an epic split. Result: Advertising Brilliance. Hat's off to Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors who have been successfully training Volvo's brand identity to black belt status for some time. It's a perfect marriage of simple storytelling ingredients perfectly topped off with music by Enya. It's memorable and it's funny and it will no doubt clean up this year in Cannes.

Save The Children Syria 'Most Shocking Second A Day' 

In the past many charities have tried to deliver important messages by plunging the viewer into experiencing a conflict zone as if it was happening on one’s doorstep, but most have fallen a little short. It's all too easy to forget from the comfort of my peaceful island home of Britain. Yet this campaign for 'Save The Children Syria', with 31million views (and that's just on YouTube) certainly strikes a cord. Superbly produced by our digital partner unit9, it's a testament to passion for collaboration and the belief in a cause from all involved, which is all the more important when the resources at hand are limited. A great idea, executed really, really well.

Guinness 'Sapeurs'

Once again Guinness has succeeded in creating a distinctive and provocative campaign by sharing with us a story that beautifully blends the boundaries between documentary and advertising. One is instantly captivated by the flamboyant colours and exotic patterns that clash with contrasting surroundings reminding us of poverty and civil war so common in The DRC. These men, members of The Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo strive to be perfect gentlemen against all odds, and dress exceptionally. In the words of photographer and documentary director Hector Mediavilla (who has photographed the Sapeurs for many years, as well as filmed the long form film for this campaign), sums this up perfectly: “In a country where many of the population live below the poverty line, the simple act of civility and kindness means a great deal.” They might be poor but they are not poor in spirit and this pride is translated in their distinctive style. It’s this sense of heritage and honour that we take away with us at the end of the commercial. This is the same message Guinness has been conveying for years and yet again is delivered through a distinctly cool and beautiful made film. May we all be the captains of our souls.

Simon Elborne is Head of Marketing and Sales at Outsider