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Cannes Contenders: Ogilvy Shares Its Top 10 Creative Hopefuls


Detoxing social media feeds, AI-created ad campaigns, combining Burger King burgers with McDonald’s fries and much more work that the network’s putting its hopes in next week

Cannes Contenders: Ogilvy Shares Its Top 10 Creative Hopefuls
After being named 'Network of the Year' at The One Show 2022, Ogilvy is off to a strong start at Cannes Lions with two Titanium shortlists ('Toxic Influence’ for Dove and 'Shah Rukh Kahn-My-Ad’ for Cadbury) and four shortlists for the Glass Lion for Change: ‘Don't Ever Leave Me’ for Lacta, ‘Have a Word’ for the Mayor of London, ‘As Early As Five’ for Dove, and ‘Morning After Island’ for Grupo Estratégico PAE). Below are some of the global creative network’s top contenders for this year’s show. 
LBB has asked every major agency network to share its best work from the past year ahead of Cannes Lions 2022. Check out all the lists published so far here. 

Dove – Reverse Selfie

Dove is renewing the fight for real beauty standards by pushing into the activist digital era with a hard-hitting new campaign. The crucial issue of women and girls’ self-esteem is once again top of the agenda, as Dove highlights the widespread damage caused by the trend of heavily-edited selfies. At the heart of the campaign is a 60 second film, ‘Reverse Selfie’, a sequel to Dove’s seminal 2006 film ‘Evolution’, which highlighted the false and unrealistic nature of the beauty ideals perpetuated by the advertising industry and the media. The film begins with an image of a young woman who has posted of herself on social media. The action then rewinds, reversing all the tweaks and staging that has gone into creating that image, and revealing the shockingly young girl behind the picture.

Idea Creation: Ogilvy's Global Unilever Team

Dove – Toxic Influence


You wouldn’t give your daughter toxic beauty advice, but she could be hearing it online every single day. New research from the Dove Self-Esteem Project shows that half of girls say toxic beauty advice causes low self-esteem. And social media is filled with content that upholds and promotes this type of harmful advice. To combat this issue, Ogilvy worked with Dove to create the #DetoxYourFeed campaign, which inspires and empowers young people to turn their social media feeds into a positive space.

Idea Creation: Ogilvy's Global Unilever Team

Cadbury – Shah Rukh Khan-My-Ad


The pandemic has had a crippling effect on the economy, particularly smaller businesses. Big brands, with their deep pockets and ad spends are more equipped to fight back, but local businesses and stores do not have that luxury. Ogilvy India and Cadbury Celebrations worked together to lend a helping hand to small businesses struggling during the pandemic with a data-driven campaign that used machine learning to create advertisements, featuring Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, that doubles as ads for Cadbury and thousands of local businesses.

Idea Creation: Ogilvy India
Media: Wavemaker

Grupo Estratégico PAE – Morning After Island 


In furtherance of women’s rights in Honduras, Grupo Estratégico PAE, working with Ogilvy Honduras, launched a multinational campaign seeking to overturn the 2009 decree banning the sale, and distribution — and severe penalties for using — emergency contraception pills. Since the ban, more than 350,000 underage Honduran girls have given birth. This led to the creation of ‘Morning After Island’, a campaign built off the striking imagery of multiple Honduran women who are forced to journey out to international waters and stand on a small wooden platform to take a medication that, anywhere else on the continent, could be bought and used legally.

Idea Creation: Ogilvy Honduras

Burger King – The Impossible Combo


Pelé and Maradona. DC and Marvel. Burger King and McDonald's. Some things aren't supposed to be together. Or are they? Thanks to the delivery app Rappi, Burger King embraced the chaos. With the help of DAVID São Paulo, the brand was able to pull off the first ever sale of a unique combo consisting of items from Burger King and its biggest rival; only made possible through a partnership with Rappi. During the campaign, for every Whopper ordered from Rappi’s app, a courier went straight to a Burger King restaurant, picked up a Whopper, then made a stop at a McDonald's restaurant on the way, picked up a side of McDonald's fries, and placed them together as one single order: the Impossible Combo.

Idea Creation: DAVID São Paulo

Burger King - Burger Glitch


Gamers hate glitches. But what if we embraced glitches and turned them into something good? That's what Burger King and DAVID São Paulo did with 'Burger Glitch'. The brand placed glitches in its own app, inviting users to find them, with a reward for doing so. And when gamers came across glitches in any video game, they could receive a BK discount code just by sharing the glitch on social media. To top it all off, Burger King glitched actual products in their restaurants, and created a fully glitched BK store in the metaverse. That's a lot of glitches...and a lot of discounted Burger King.

Idea Creation: DAVID São Paulo

Roto Tanks – Lesso Lessons

Leading Water tanks manufacturer Roto Tanks and Ogilvy Kenya have partnered on a project aimed at educating young mothers in rural parts of East Africa on how to combat malnutrition in children two and under. 'Lesso Lessons' aims to use traditionally patterned fabric garments called 'lessos' — which are commonly used as slings by women to carry their babies on their backs as they work — to educate young Kenyan mothers in rural areas on proper postnatal nutritional care. The campaign makes use of creative and design thinking to tackle this seemingly ever-present issue in a way that seamlessly fits into Kenyan women’s lives. Along with input from healthcare professionals, the team adapted over one million data points from some of the most recent studies on postnatal nutrition during the design process to make the utility relevant to the region. 

Idea Creation: Ogilvy Africa

IKEA – Taste the Future


IKEA is inviting people with imagination for a job interview over experimental 3D-printed meatballs as part of a new recruitment campaign. The homeware giant's Swedish meatballs are an iconic part of the brand, and in line with their commitment to offer 50% plant-based main meals in IKEA restaurants by 2025, its menus already include plant balls as alternatives to traditional meatballs. The ambition is to make healthier and more sustainable eating easy, desirable and affordable. Now. IKEA is inviting candidates to bring their ideas and try some experimental plant-based meatballs, prepared with a 3D printer as part of its recruitment campaign 'Taste the Future'.

Idea Creation: INGO Stockholm

The Chicago International Film Festival – Life, Scripted


Film festivals often feel inaccessible to the general public. So, to invite people from all walks of life to the Chicago International Film Festival, Ogilvy Chicago created an out-of-home campaign that used short screenplays to narrate the everyday happenings of the city. The stars? Ordinary people. 'Life, Scripted', turned everywhere from bus shelters to childcare centres into movie settings. The campaign even scripted the festival itself, surprising attendees with an interactive digital board that narrated the night in real-time. In the end, 'Life, Scripted' gave the audience the most important role in the festival — and showed that every one of us has a story worth telling.

Idea Creation: Ogilvy Chicago

Lacta – Don't Ever Leave Me


This year, Greece has seen a disturbing rise in domestic violence cases. Many of these incidents have been falsely attributed to 'extreme passion' — or have been called 'love' crimes. Mondelēz's Lacta, a chocolate brand that for years has been telling love stories, produced a short film that shows what a love story is not. Created by Ogilvy Greece, 'Don't ever leave me'— helmed by acclaimed Greek director Argyris Papadimitropoulos — stars two young actors in what appears to begin as a cliché love story, set under the Greek summer sun. Soon, however, the story takes a darker turn, and viewers get to experience the manipulative ways women are being trapped in toxic relationships.

Idea Creation: Ogilvy Greece

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