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Cannes Contenders: M&C Saatchi’s 10 High Hopes for Cannes 2022
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Johannesburg, South Africa
Campaigns for Nandos, the NSPCA, Pizza Hut, the NHS and even Business Iceland, LBB shares the agency's top picks this year

From work spanning South Africa, Australia, the UAE, UK and USA, M&C Saatchi’s creative leaders share the agency’s Cannes Lions hopefuls and add their thoughts on why these campaigns are something special. With campaigns for food brand Nandos and Pizza Hut, Superbalist, the NSPCA, The Minderoo Foundation, Big W, the NHS and Business Iceland, see below for what M&C Saatchi had to say about its work.

LBB has asked every major agency network to share its best work from the past year ahead of Cannes Lions 2022. Check out all the lists published so far here. 

Nandos - They Are Welcome

M&C Saatchi Abel

Ryan Reed, CCO at M&C Saatchi UAE: "Nando’s fires things up again by serving a large portion of brave, relevant and funny. They could have just sold me a chicken meal but instead sold me a side of understanding and acceptance too."

Idea Creation: M&C Saatchi Abel

Production: Darling Films

Post-production: Mushroom Studios

Media Placement: The MediaShop 

Superbalist - Wear the Music You Love

M&C Saatchi Abel 

Wendy Dixon, chief growth officer at M&C Saatchi Group: "This work makes me want to dive into the world of Superbalist. The human insight around the connection between fashion and music is so simple, true and enduring. What’s genius is the leap this idea takes to push that connection through to an experience sharply designed to drive growth for the brand. A great example of how creativity combined with data and tech innovation can unlock long-term customer value for brands."

Idea Creation: M&C Saatchi Abel

Media Placement: Ad Dynamo

Music and Sound Production: We Love Jam

NSPCA - Animals Do What?

M&C Saatchi Abel

Stevie Archer, CCO at SS+K: “What I love about the #AnimalsDoWhat campaign is that it doesn’t fall into the traditional sentimental tropes of animal welfare ads. No sad Sarah Mclachlan songs here. Instead, it makes us consider what animals mean to us in a novel way with extraordinary facts about how they contribute to our lives. It taps into our innate curiosity and gives us an easy interactive way to learn more and more and more that is totally shareable”

Idea Creation: M&C Saatchi Abel

Production: M&C Saatchi Abel

Animation: The Deli Artists Utd

Media: Connect (part of M&C Saatchi Group)

The Minderoo Foundation - Thrive by Five

M&C Saatchi Group Australia

Guy Bradbury, creative director at M&C Saatchi London: “What better way to talk about Early Childhood Development, than to give the ultimate demo. This mini TED Talk, featuring seven-year-old Molly Wright, delivers on every level. Captivating parents with great writing, great performance and superb storytelling by Michael Gracey (director of The Greatest Showman) What’s not to love.”

Idea Creation: M&C Saatchi & The Minderoo Foundation

Production: FINCH

Post Production: FINCH

Media: Bohemia Group

Big W - Craft, Camera, Action!

M&C Saatchi Group Australia

“The Big-Headed Bilby concept is a wonderful example of brand audience understanding. It positions Big W as an empathetic and engaging family brand, creating beneficial, innovative and creative experiences for customers going through a challenging time-poor and patience-poor period. Screen time can be family time and a creative time.”

Idea Creation: M&C Saatchi

Production: Zebra

Publisher: Facebook

PR: Red Havas

NHS - Heart Attack

M&C Saatchi London

Ivan Bormaister, creative director at M&C Saatchi UAE: “It’s a powerful film that depicts the early symptoms of a heart attack. You can visually see the anguish and the tightness acting on him. And when a public interest ad is able to portray both the symptom and the sense of unease that comes with it, a strong image is seared onto the public consciousness”

Idea Creation: M&C Saatchi London

Design: Alan Clarkson

Production: Mad Cow Films

Editor: Bill Smedley

Sound: Ben Leeves at Jungle

Music Composition: Mark Sayfritz

Pizza Hut - Offline Hour

M&C Saatchi UAE

Neo Mashinga, CCO at M&C Saatchi Abel: "This campaign illustrates the power of mobile creativity and digital craft. It utilises our love for our phones and our love for pizza to reinvent the classic Earth Hour activation and make it relevant again. What makes it clever is how it takes a medium that relies on being online and connected to create an experience that is entirely offline. It's a powerful idea that can drive meaningful change.”

Idea Creation: M&C Saatchi UAE

Business Iceland - Icelandverse


Ben Golik, CCO at M&C Saatchi London: “Everyone talks about moving at the “speed of culture”. This work achieves it. But speed to market is only part of its brilliance. Smart thinking, great writing, tight editing and spot-on casting make this an all-around winner.”

Idea Creation: SS+K & Peel Iceland

PR: M&C Saatchi Talk

Production: Pelikula

Colour: Bjarki Gudjonsson at Trickshot

Sound: Joi B at Audioland

Business Iceland - Sweatpant Boots


Emma Robbins, CCO at M&C Saatchi Melbourne: "There is no better way to tell two-year-old sloppy, lonely, infested sweat pants what you think of them than turning them into boots and stomping through glacial mud and Iceland pony shit. It's everything they deserve. And this idea, in turn, deserves something very shiny."

Idea Creation: SS+K

Agency: M&C Saatchi Group & Peel Iceland

Communications: M&C Saatchi Talk, M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment North America, Essencius A/S, Headspace PR

Production: Skot Productions & Snark

Work from M&C Saatchi Abel