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Cannes Contenders: 10 of VMLY&R’s Award Show Aspirations

Advertising Agency
Kansas City, USA
Voice banking innovations for Motor Neurone Disease, Wendy’s continued social media hijinks, global warming threatens Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5 - and exposing the fashion industry’s “uncomfortable truth”

In the last year, agencies in the VMLY&R network (including VMLY&R COMMERCE companies) have been creating some seriously impactful and impressive work across the expanse of its global reach. With the first in-person Cannes Lions for three years rapidly approaching, we’ve asked senior creatives to share their favourite projects from colleagues across the VMLY&R network - and to say why they think we should be keeping an eye out for the work at this year’s festival.

LBB has asked every major agency network to share its best work from the past year ahead of Cannes Lions 2022. Check out all the lists published so far here.

Dell Technologies and Intel, in partnership with Rolls-Royce and MND Association - I Will Always Be Me

VMLY&R New York 

Rafael Pitanguy, CCO at VMLY&R Brazil: “I Will Always Be Me is a project that proves the infinite power that collaboration has to create and transform. The collaboration between two iconic brands; between art and technology, science and literature, data and empathy. By combining efforts, this project transforms lives and makes other brands rethink the power that they have to generate social impact. Truly inspiring.” 

Idea Creation: VMLY&R New York

Voice banking technology: SpeakUnique 

Production: Jam3 

Music: Human Audio Post 

Composers: Patient Film Composers.


Under Armour - The First Meta Sneaker

Berlin Cameron, a VMLY&R Company 

Valerie Madon, CCO at VMLY&R Asia: “Many brands are quick to jump into the metaverse without really understanding how things work in this virtual reality, but the ‘First Meta Sneaker’ serves an unexpected need in this new world, positioning Under Armor as a brand that truly understands culture.”

Idea Creation: Berlin Cameron

Production Company: NewKino Studio 

Wendy’s - Meat Tweet

VMLY&R Kansas City 

Manir Fadel, CCO at VMLY&R Spain: “Not every brand can act like Wendy’s. You need a break-the-internet history track before, so people will get it and engage with them. That said, this piece of work shines a light on some qualities that any brand can cultivate: speed to create conversations, sense of humour, and a very clear positioning.”

Idea Creation: VMLY&R Kansas City

PR: Ketchum Chicago

Wendy’s - Boomerbook

VMLY&R Kansas City 

Leila Katrib, creative director at VMLY&R Commerce Dubai: “I find the strategy of expanding your target audience to become relevant to boomers, using Facebook, is very smart - all while remaining funny to gen z-ers. Wendy's did a bold move by moving in the opposite direction of what all other competitors were doing. That's what made this idea so engaging and culturally more inclusive.” 

Idea Creation: VMLY&R Kansas City

Production: VMLY&R, Kansas City

Greenpeace - Los Santos +3°

VMLY&R Brazil

Allison Pierce, CCO, Intel at VMLY&R: “I absolutely love this work. It's one of those ideas that you can't believe someone hasn't done already. It has shock value and really makes the climate crisis real. The craft is amazing, every detail was thought through, from the radio ads to the missions - it's educating while being completely entertaining. I love that you can take action within the game, right when you're feeling it." 

Idea Creation: VMLY&R Brazil 

Production and Post Production: Produka/ VMLY&R Team 

Game Production Company: KingsRoleplay 

Sound Studio: Alma 11:11 

Mondelez - Oreo Stuf Scan


Arpan Jain, executive creative director at VMLY&R COMMERCE India: “Oreo Stuf Scan is a cool intersection between brand and consumer experience that leads to conversion. It’s in sync with the behaviour of today’s shoppers, who seek convenience with every action. Today, the commerce canvas is constantly expanding and technology has made it possible for consumers to make purchases from anywhere and everywhere. They’re interacting with brands while walking, travelling, watching movies and even while napping. Oreo ‘Stuf Scan’ adds another commerce moment to the mix, in a fun and engaging way. Who knew your favourite kicks could sweeten your next cookie purchase?” 

Idea Creation: VMLY&R COMMERCE, New York

Production Company: VMLY&R COMMERCE's Innovation Lab, New York

Unilever - Smart Fill


Oswaldo Sa, group creative director at VMLY&R COMMERCE US: “Smart Fill isn’t just a clever campaign, it’s a new business model. Turning the world’s plastic waste/sustainability issue into a commerce idea is ingenious and definitely something any brand would like to create. And the fact that you can reuse competitor's bottles makes the idea even more scalable and remarkable. Hats off to VMLY&R COMMERCE India for making this happen!”  

Idea Creation: VMLY&R COMMERCE India 

Johanniter - The Anti-Look

Scholz & Friends, a VMLY&R Company

Mukund Olety, CCO at VMLY&R India: “There are many ideas around QR codes, but none as intuitive and innovative as this one. It gives me this whole ‘why didn’t I think of it?’ feeling. It addresses a problem that is prevalent in many parts of the world and a simple idea like this has the potential to cross boundaries and save lives across the world.” 

Idea Creation: Scholz & Friends, a VMLY&R Company

Rolling Stone - Rockin’ Mama

VMLY&R Italy 

Hira Mohibullah, ECD at VMLY&R Kansas City: “The film candidly captures all the nuanced, gritty moments of motherhood - almost like an outsider looking in, and very ironically so, because there’s never anyone looking in on those moments. What truly gets you is how a fast-paced edit like this one makes you feel the weight of a mom’s seemingly simple chores - which really must have become muscle memory by now, right? Wrong! And that’s what this film brazenly acknowledges: ‘The show may be over, but the mom must go on’. Thanks for seeing us!”  

Idea Creation: VMLY&R Italy

Production: Good People Film, Movie Magic International, Hogarth Worldwide Italy

Music and Sound: Operà Music, 300 Acre Studios 

Human Rights Foundation - Uncomfortable Truth

TAXI, a VMLY&R Company

Glen Scott, ECD at VMLY&R US: “Uncomfortable Truth is subversive in an incredibly pointed way. It’s not just hijacking culture for borrowed interest like many brands attempt, it’s flipping the hype of a fashion drop to point at a problem that every industry perpetuates. Its timeliness is the idea's superpower. If the client, or agency, hesitated then the moment would have passed.” 

Idea Creation: TAXI