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Candid Series Reveals Rise of Black Women Reimagining Creative Business

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pi Studios partners with Wetransfer and Squarespace to champion marginalised voices

"You Cant Be What You Cant See!"

WeTransfer and Squarespace have combined their platforms to champion Black female entrepreneurs in 'Make It Real', a new four-part doc-series produced by Pi Studios, directed by Lou Jasmine.

The project uncovers the candid stories of four modern female leaders in the UK and the USA who are reimagining entrepreneurship and inspiring a new generation to follow new paths into business.

Squarespace customers, Gal-Dem founder Liv Little, entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid MBE from London, CEO of Oratory Glory Holley Murchison and visual artist Jade Purple Brown in New York offer a resounding message ‘do not wait for a seat at the table, create your own’.

The series is inspired by recent studies *that identify Black female entrepreneurs as the fastest growing segment of the business industry in the USA. Accessibility and representation have long been roadblocks for women of colour to rise to positions of power across many industries. The stories shared in this series cite the challenges that these women have overcome in order to become trailblazers in each of their fields.

The show sheds light on the women’s journeys of modern entrepreneurialism, as the business world opens up and is reimagined by women of colour. The series reveals stories of what it really takes to make it against the odds and what it means when you do.

Each woman gives us a first-hand account of their journey to success and the barriers they faced along the way. Drawing back the curtain on their personal life and support networks, each episode is compelling and inspiring for others who hope to pave their own path into entrepreneurism.

Sharmadean Reid MBE, is a British Jamaican entrepreneur, founder of WAH Nails, Beauty Stack and Future Girl Corp. She shares her belief in women having a unique skills for business...“I just feel as women, we are so in-tuned with the world around us. We are empathetic, we listen. If you can take that empathy and turn it into something really special as a product— then you’re winning.”

Jade Purple Brown, is a self proclaimed ‘colour obsessed’ graphic design artist acclaimed for her iconic illustrations of black women and work for brands like Nike, Sephora and Apple. She reflects on the battle black women go through for recognition... “Black female entrepreneurs are the fastest growing demographic because we always have to work 10x harder most of the time just to get the same recognition. When it comes to building our dreams, we go hard. We have a plan, and we’re not stopping until we get what we want.”

Liv Little, is CEO and founder of Gal-dem, an online and print magazine run by women of colour. In 2016, she was listed as one of BBC's 100 Women. She reflects on the power of building a strong inspiring support network...“I’m surrounded by all of these amazing people of colour who are killing it and taking up space. That’s a very powerful feeling. These things weren’t here before, but we can’t wait for someone else to create them.”

Holley Murchison is founder of Oratory Glory and the author of Tell Me About Yourself. She explains the importance of getting messy and starting small...“I’ve been able to take my ideas and execute on them by starting really small, assembling good teams around me, and not being afraid to get messy and doing the relentless work of continuing to sow on the seed I’ve planted.”