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Canada Goose Captures the Open Season in Energetic Campaign

London, UK
Nomad London works with Caviar director Lisette Donkersloot for the three film campaign

Nomad London’s talent leapt on board to collaborate with Caviar director, Lisette Donkersloot and the team at Vice, to create Canada Goose’ second season of their ‘Live in the Open’ campaign.

For Nomad this was truly a team effort with Nomad’s editors James Norris and David Warren, their colourist Felipe Szulc and their VFX artists, Martin Goodwin and Rob Peacock all combining their creative wizardry post skills to deliver the films. 

Beautifully shot, the films profile three film and entertainment industry personalities telling their own unique story. Ex Royal Commando Marine and world-record setting adventurer and explorer, Aldo Kane, specialises in providing safety for film and television productions. Internationally renowned choreographer and creative director, Suzette Brissett, has been involved in acclaimed productions for TV, live shows, music videos and commercials, and Chinese/Canadian actor Shawn Dou’s big break was starring in the feature ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’.

The short turnaround required two of the Nomad editing roster to join cutting forces. James said: “Time was of the essence so Dave and I edited as a team with three main films to edit and this worked really well. Lisette’s work has a lovely, unique and fresh style and it was a pleasure to cut together what she had shot”. 

Director Lisette added: “I can only praise the team at Nomad and the amazing amount of work they pulled. They got on board quite early which made it possible to discuss a lot of details prior to the shoot which I found ever so vital, but something that not always happens. However the team at Nomad was extremely invested and pro active right from the start and I can’t say enough how grateful for that and how valuable that turned out to be for the outcome of the campaign”.

Nomad are a global family with offices located in London, LA, NY and Tokyo and they are dab hands at adapting to working on different time zones when collaborating on projects. Editor Dave Warren commented “The workflow was truly international on this campaign. The agency were in LA, the director was in Amsterdam, the edit, colour and post were in London and the ad was shot in China and Lithuania. It involved big remote edit and post sessions with us mostly working on LA timezones. Luckily as a company we’re very used to this way of working”.

Steering the Nomad London ship, managing director, Liv Lawton added: “This was a brilliant project to work on. It was wonderful to see the project through from all aspects of finishing. Having our artists work so closely and so seamlessly together allowed us to deal with a fairly intense schedule with clients spanning a lot of time zones and deliver some really fantastic films. We’ve also really loved working with Caviar. Their production team are all great to work with and their directorial talent, like Lisette, speaks for itself”.