CamelPower Meets Girl Power at Dubai Lynx

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INFLUENCER: Serviceplan Munich ECD Sandra Loibl recounts her experience judging at this year's festival
CamelPower Meets Girl Power at Dubai Lynx

Whoever’s been on a trip to the Middle East instantly has a pretty solid idea in mind when hearing these two words together. You too, right? 

Anybody who has the chance to visit Dubai and the other Emirates nowadays can immediately kiss this antiquated notion goodbye. That’s because the model of femininity is subject to constant change in this region – which is certainly a good thing.

The same goes for camels. They represent – more by coincidence than by definition – creative change. As a member of the jury at Dubai Lynx, I couldn’t ignore the 'CamelPower' idea by Nissan. Pure genius. Just to give you a little heads up: CamelPower became the creative power of the Middle East. Nissan simply developed a new measuring unit - or rather activity unit for off-road vehicles. Not outdated horse power but C-A-M-E-L-P-O-W-E-R. Who would have a use for horses in the desert anyway? Together with National Geographic, Nissan took a highly scientific approach to develop the 'camel-power-unit'. An idea which could have only originated in this region and yet is so simple, that one can understand it anywhere in the world.

Even I, being a "woman who doesn’t have a clue about cars," gets it! Didn’t we say, we’d stop using prejudices? It seems a lot has changed in the Middle East. At the Dubai Lynx Festival, there were a lot of brilliant ideas concerning the empowerment of women in this region. And again, I have to mention Nissan. #shedrives is a wonderful idea, based on the fact that 'women are finally allowed to drive'. Emotional, relevant and really well executed. 'Bridal uniform' is an idea devoted to the terrible topic of forced marriage among under aged girls in Pakistan – with a fashion show. A supermarket chain even changed its former male dominated branding into a female one. Ladies and gentlemen, raise your hats. 

Making a long story short: the creative ideas from this region make a strong and believable statement for equality. Ideas not only for NGOs but for real brands. I think this is really great and mind changing. Even Coca-Cola celebrates the fact that women are allowed to go to concerts with a brilliantly crafted print ad. All this using their very own brand claim 'taste the feeling'. Feels fantastic!

Thanks, Dubai. Thanks, Middle East. For ideas that can truly make a difference. And also, for a great jury with exceptionally gifted creatives from all around the world who communicate, discuss, convince and allow themselves to be convinced. I’m having tons of fun being part of this the creative process, which is also a process of awakening for us western thinkers – male and female.

Sandra Loibl is ECD at Serviceplan Munich

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Serviceplan, 2 years ago