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Call Your Mum and KLM May Take You to Her

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Children who video call their mum the most are rewarded with a flight ticket in campaign for the airline from DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Many children live far away from their mother and have limited contact. In the first weeks of May, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines encourages sons and daughters who live abroad to video call their mums more often. The more they call, the bigger the chance they will earn a flight that brings them together.

Tying in to Mother’s Day, KLM now does not only bring them physically together, but it connects children all over the world with their mums via digital means. 

Call your mum as much as you can 

Children who connect with their mum via and invest the most time in it are rewarded with a flight ticket that takes them to her for Mother’s Day (May 13th). The site does not only register the number of minutes a daughter or son calls with her/his mum, but also uses face and voice recognition to ensure that the calls are real. Only genuine attention given will be rewarded with a ticket. However, there are only winners, because every minute increase in contact makes a better day for mums, their sons and their daughters. During the call, conversation starters are presented to keep the call going. Like update your mum on your love life or ask mum what her dream destination is. Children can easily invite their mum for multiple calls a day via email, social media, WhatsApp and text message. 

Living abroad, limited contact 

Many sons and daughters live abroad, far away from their mother. Within Europe the percentage of the population living abroad even peaks at 22%. In the US 42% see their mother less than once a month. And 11% even only once a year. As an airline, KLM brings people together face to face, but of course not everyone can afford to visit their mum as often as they would like to. Connecting via telephone or the internet is the second-best option. By using these video calls to win a flight, KLM wants to encourage children to call more often and to give their mothers the best gift she can get on Mother’s Day. A personal visit from her son or daughter. 

Bringing people together by all means 

KLM decided to expand their role in connecting people, by encouraging children to use the internet to connect with their mothers more intensively close to Mother’s Day. Natascha van Roode, Head of KLM Marketing Communication: ‘We are in the business of bringing people together all over the world and we always aim to offer our customers a memorable experience. This initiative brings families closer together, both virtually and in person.’ 
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