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Cadbury Twirl Playfully Predicts the Future Through its Swirls and Curls

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London, UK
Latest brand campaign from VCCP and Good Oil encourages people to dig deeper into the unique make up of Twirls

With more twists and turns over the past 18 months than the last season of the Bachelor, Cadbury Twirl has turned psychic in its latest campaign for the unique chocolate bar.

The real magic of a Twirl bar comes from the inside, with distinctive swirls and curls unlike any other. “Your future’s in the swirls and curls” is the latest integrated campaign by Cadbury’s global creative agency, VCCP London, which encourages people to get these unique swirls and curls ‘read’, scanning the intricate patterns for a glimpse of their future.

Aimed at young Millenials, the campaign launches across Australia and New Zealand today. People can use their phones to scan and analyse the patterns within their Twirl through an online interactive experience, created by VCCP CX, at This is supported by a light-hearted and relatable 30" TVC featuring two sisters and a particularly ambiguous Twirl reading directed by celebrated director Dave Wood and produced by Good Oil.

The campaign also plays out across OLV and social media on Facebook, Instagram, Snap and YouTube where targeted predictions eerily have something to say about what you're watching or about cultural events that happen to be going on across Australia and New Zealand at the time.

Anthony Ho, associate director equity and partnerships Australia & New Zealand at Mondelēz said: “We needed a global campaign platform that could inject some fun into the brand and engage consumers with Twirl and its distinctive features. The ability to make people stop and look at their chocolate, mid-snack, is an exciting opportunity and has truly made Twirl the hero of its own advertising in this campaign.”

Chris Birch, executive creative director at VCCP added: “Forget the magic eight ball, the fortune cookie, the alignments of the planets or tea, if you really want to know your future, the answer is in the swirls and curls of a delicious Twirl. Who knew?! (Well we did when Aly and Emma came up with this idea after seeing it written in their Twirls about three years ago), and we are very thrilled that that prediction has come so gloriously true. Now for the Lottery.”

Media was planned and executed by Wavemaker.

The brand platform will run from 8th August into 2022 in Australia and New Zealand.

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