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Burger King Turns a Whopper into a 1 Million Euro Lottery Ticket

Advertising Agency
Hamburg, Germany
Whoppery lottery campaign from Garbarz & Partner allows guests to put together their Whopper in more than 200,000 variations and win up to one million euros in the process

At Burger King, individuality and diversity are lived out, whether with products, guests and fans or employees. With the Whoppery, Burger King is developing the first burger lottery that playfully demonstrates the customisability of the Whopper, which can be put together individually in over 200,000 variations. The competition is implemented via the MyBK app, where users can give free rein to their creativity and secure their ticket number and the chance to win up to one million euros with their personal Whopper creation.  

True to the motto ‘Be Your Way’, Burger King offers the right product for every taste because guests can individualise their Whopper. Whether meat lovers, flexitarians, vegetarians or vegans, everyone will find what they are looking for with the original flame-grilled and plant-based versions. To illustrate this diversity, the company uses the customisability of the Whopper, which has excited Burger King fans since 1957. The Whopper is always freshly prepared and can be combined according to one's own preferences in more than 200,000 variations: with a second Plant-based or beef patty, extra jalapeños, with double cheese or three portions of ketchup. Everything is possible and every Whopper is individual. 

The highlight is the lottery-style competition in which fans can win up to one million euros with their own Whopper creation. Participation works via the MyBK app, in which users can add different ingredients  to their virtual Whopper according to their personal taste. From this individual combination, the desired Whopper becomes a lottery ticket and generates the personal number that is thrown into a lottery pot. The lot is activated by ordering a Whopper - either the virtual creation or another variant  - in the restaurant and scanning the once-only usable QR code on the receipt in the MyBK app. At the  end of the campaign, the winners will be drawn and can look forward to a prize of up to one million euros. By the way: The lucky winner could treat himself or herself to approximately 181,818 Whoppers. 

“Be your way stands for individuality and diversity and means for us that at Burger King everyone can be who they are,'' says Danny Wilming, head of brand at BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH. With the Whoppery competition, this even pays off handsomely for our fans: When do you ever have the chance  to win up to one million euros with your favourite Whopper? Individuality really does pay off at Burger King.”

The campaign was implemented together with the agencies Grabarz & Partner, dentsu X, Isobar, setup and Emanate. As a multi-channel campaign, it will be distributed not only on TV but also via Burger King’s own social media channels, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Participation in the competition is via the MyBK app and is only possible for persons of legal age. Further information can be found on the microsite. The conditions of participation are available here

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