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Bullion’s Joe Wilson Directs Euphoric Video for Sub Focus and Wilkinson Amidst Lockdown
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London, UK
‘Just Hold On’, is the breakbeat banger all shot during lockdown

In early March, amidst the increasing threat of the coronavirus and protocols changing at a rapid pace, Bullion director Joe Wilson was tasked with shooting a video to match the euphoria of Sub Focus and Wilkinson’s new anthem ‘Just Hold On’. Simplicity was key in this shoot and Joe had the idea of two girls who find themselves becoming overwhelmed by a transcendental experience at dawn after a night out.

Joe’s idea emerged after reading accounts of rituals that took place at stone circles around the country over the last 5000 years and from watching ‘Glastonbury the Movie’ (1996) – a film about the festival before television cameras arrived in 1993.

With the impact of the coronavirus around the country becoming more apparent,practicality was high on the agenda for producer Ersan. Luckily, Joe’s idea for one outdoor location in Wiltshire allowed for the shoot to go ahead, complying with Covid-19 protocols. Shooting at sunrise meant the small crew had a tight window to shoot but the handheld camera meant they could be mobile and move quickly when the light was just right.

Following the shoot, Joe and Ed Hubert, who shot the 16mm film, enlisted the help of James Holcombe who would manipulate the film. James operates from an isolated studio – even in normal times – and he was able to use an old film camera in his studio to reshoot the footage while simultaneously adding optical in-camera effects.

James’ work ‘produces this incredible, unpredictable look that worked perfectly with the hazy fragmented feel we were trying to create’ – Joe Wilson.

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