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BT Highlights Digital Trailblazers with New Online Series for UK Businesses

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Conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson UK and hosted by Steph McGovern, 'The Future is Now' is now live with edits and content developed specifically for a range of digital and social channels
BT today has unveiled its first-ever editorial content series for business customers, featuring journalist and television presenter Steph McGovern. 'The Future is Now' is a show based on inspiring conversations with some of the UK's most innovative new businesses and thought leaders hosted on BT’s social media platforms and website.

Produced by creative, data and tech agency Wunderman Thompson UK, the thought leadership campaign aims to showcase a range of businesses that have succeeded in their digital transformation journey with the support of BT. For BT this presents a shift from being seen as a connectivity provider to being trusted as a digital technology partner with the capabilities, skills and expertise to help businesses transform their operations by embracing a fully digital future.

Following Covid-19, 89% of CIOs say they will now invest in cloud technologies, according to recent research. However, whilst digital transformation is being accelerated by many organisations, it is still seen as being incredibly complex to implement. 77% of IT decision makers state their last purchase was very difficult. The campaign provides a much-needed platform for businesses to hear from industry peers and learn first-hand about how they’ve tackled digital transformation.

Through in-depth interviews with Steph McGovern, business trailblazers share stories of the challenges and opportunities they have faced in business with a focus on technology innovation, growth opportunities and lessons learnt in digital transformation. In the first show, 'The Future Is Now' focuses on leading UK-based gaming and esports entertainment brand, Excel Esports. Esports has rapidly accelerated, now reaching over 495 million people globally and driving over £1.1 billion revenue each year.

Representing a business which is reaping the benefits of digital transformation, Joel Holmes-Darby, chief people officer and Kieran Holmes-Darby, chief gaming officer, explore the importance of network reliability to their business model, the need for a flexible and agile working approach, and the benefits of having a strong reliable partner in BT.

“The digital world is constantly transforming and adapting. As an Esports brand, having a strong digital network and staying connected is key in helping us work and grow. Driving performance is a key element at Excel Esports and BT’s network capabilities gives us the flexibility and agility to take our Esports players to the next level. Whether it’s supporting our Esports teams during a boot camp or providing our staff with a strong network connection, we know that BT is supporting our needs throughout every area of our business,” said Robin McCammon, CCO, Excel Esports.

Chris Sims, managing director, commercial and marketing, BT Enterprise unit, added: “Now, more than ever, businesses of all sizes are leaning into their digital transformation strategies, particularly in the wake of recent events such as the coronavirus pandemic. With over one million business customers, we have an acute understanding of our customers’ needs at all stages of digital transformation, and this campaign reinforces BT as the trusted partner of choice to support them through that journey.”

The campaign is now live, with edits and content developed specifically for a range of digital and social channels.

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