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Brazilian Football Player Gabriel Jesus Explores Challenge in Rexona's Latest Campaign
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Inspired by the story of Gabriel Jesus, Energy BBDO launches social project in the neighbourhood where he grew up encouraging more youngsters to overcome their challenges

To announce the launch of Rexona's Breaking Limits Project in the Jardim Peri neighborhood, the various Gabriel Jesus graffiti murals have been altered with his face being replaced by those of young kids from the Peri community as a way of inspiring them to challenge their limits just like Gabriel. The player and the children star in the brand film about the project, to the sound of the “A vida é desafio” (Life is a challenge) song by Racionais MC’s — where the phrase: "I’ve always been a dreamer, that's what’s kept me going. As a kid, my dream was to be a soccer player, just watch me", comes from, and which the athlete has tattooed on his chest. The band is one of the biggest rap groups in Brazil, known for songs that address themes such as racism, social inequality and life on the outskirts of São Paulo. 

Born and raised in the Jardim Peri community in the North of Sao Paulo, Gabriel Jesus’ life has been totally transformed thanks to the opportunities he's had through sports. Inspired by the player's trajectory. Rexona, a brand that believes that physical movement has the power to transform lives, decided to support other youngsters from the community, so they too can reach their full potential. In partnership with the Jardim Peri Institute and Love.Fútbol, the Rexona Breaking Limits project will promote structural improvements and community empowerment projects dedicated to youth development through movement.

"We are all well aware of the barriers that exist for those on the outskirts of the city and know how important it is to help these kids believe that it is possible to have a better life and get ahead. In these communities, sport has always been about so much more than leisure, it is a space for the formation of a collective spirit that governs the broken," comments Edi Rock from Racionais MC’s.

Created by Energy BBDO, the film, Peri Beyond the Limits sensitively shows the player’s trajectory to inspire and encourage kids in the community.

"I was born and raised in Jardim do Peri, I experienced all the difficulties that most of these children go through. I had to break lots of barriers to achieve my dreams, and now, together with Rexona, being able to help kids transform their lives through sport and movement is incredible and exciting," says Gabriel Jesus.

“Gabriel's journey is an inspiration to many young people, he is living proof that movement can transform people's lives. With the arrival of the project in Jardim Peri, we are making a positive impact on the lives of many young people at a key stage of their development. This way, we can help form a generation that is more aware and strengthened by confidence. The idea is that, through the program, more young people from Jardim Peri and from all over Brazil, will have more options to move around, make positive choices, find more opportunities, and as a result of this, have a better quality of life," explains Andreza Graner, Rexona's brand manager.

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