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Brain Food: 8 Festive Ideas to Help Ease Your Christmas Party Hangover
London, UK
180's Christmas carol out of office, Ogilvy Paris' Sparktazzle, slow-mo snowballs, Sizzer's Black Christmas, digital knitting with Nanna and more

It was Christmas party Thursday yesterday and in anticipation of your looming hangovers, LBB's Addison Capper has put together this little mix of festive fun to help ease the pain. Christmas gets ruined in Ogilvy Paris' amusing faux focus group film, Sizzer Amsterdam dreams of a black Christmas and London agency Isobel finds its inner zen for the festive season. There's also a mixed up animation from Passion, digital knitting with Nanna iris and some never-gets-old style fun with Elf Yourself. 

1. Merry Sparktazzle

An agency pitches Christmas to a focus group in this amusing Christmas card film from Ogilvy & Mather Paris. It does not go down well. 

2. I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas

Sizzer is celebrating a rocking Christmas with a black metal version of Im dreaming of a white Christmas. The Amsterdam-based music company has also collaborated with 'Lord of the Logos' Christophe Szpajdel to put a black metal spin on their clients' and closest friends' logos. See the full selection here

3. Slow-mo Snowballs

Every single employee of Baltimore-based agency Exit10 got pelted with snowballs for this film and it's super satisfying to watch. 

4. Merry Miximas 

Director Lucas Zanotto mixes up Christmas icons in this charming short from Passion. 

5. 180's Out of Office

Who's excited to put their out of office on for the festive break? I sure am! Why not pop 180 Amsterdam's 'Out of Office Christmas Carol' into your email to really get the message across that it's Christmas and people should not be emailing.

6. Nanna iris' Woolpaper

Nanna's gone all digital! Knit your smartphone some super snug woolpaper courtesy Nanna iris (Worldwide). Check it out here.

7. Isobel's Inner Zen 

London ad agency Isobel's Christmas card this year required one month's prep, a six-hour photo shoot, four hours of make up and absolutely no post production. The project was the brainchild of creative partner Rob Fletcher and was photographed by Paul Thompson. Extravagant dress up is becoming a bit of an annual thing at the agency. Check out some of the previous efforts here

8. Elf Yourself 

If all else fails to cure that Christmas party hangover, grab yourself some junk food and get to elfing yourself

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