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Bond University’s Smaller-Than-Life Interactive Micro Doors Highlight Microcredential Courses
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Sydney, Australia
VMLY&R Australia teams up with artist Mace Robertson to create tiny doors that can be discovered in popular locations across the Brisbane CBD

Bond University and VMLY&R today announced the launch of a new ambient outdoor campaign. Four smaller-than-life interactive micro doors are popping up across Brisbane to promote Bond’s new microcredential courses – providing a unique and interactive way of connecting with the Bond University brand, the Brisbane community and potential future learners.

Created in collaboration with local artist Mace Robertson, the tiny doors can be discovered in popular locations across the Brisbane CBD.

Locals across the region are encouraged to seek out the four doors, which have been uniquely designed to promote Bond University’s ever-growing range of microcredential short courses.

Each door design represents a different course offering:

• Blue Door: all courses

• Yellow Door: The Psychology of Risk Management on Projects

• Brown Door: Exploring Knowledge Translation in Clinical Practice

• Red Door: Tactical Conditioning Optimisation Programs

Each door features a unique QR code that, once scanned, leads to an interactive digital experience that provides further information about the door locations, as well as a behind-the-scenes film with artist, Mace Robertson.

Benjamin Davis, ECD, VMLY&R says: “Bond’s series of microcredential courses literally open doors for people. Whether that be for their next promotion, or a new career path, the courses literally open a world of opportunity. This project inspired us to explore our craft and find new ways to connect the physical ‘onstreet’ and digital experience, which we believe will generate awareness and in turn create enrollment growth for the courses. And, working with an artist like Mace was a joy.”

Lisa Shaw from the Microcredential Unit at Bond University added: “Bond University’s microcredential courses were designed in response to market needs and developed in collaboration with industry partners. Our flexible, skills-based learning enables professionals to upskill, advance their careers, change direction or dive deeper into a specific area.”

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