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Böen Wines’ ‘Ask Joe’ Virtual Assistant Leads You through a One-On-One Wine Tasting
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San Francisco, United States
Innovative campaign from Camp + King announces the cloud-based Ask Joe virtual assistant to educate wine lovers across the US

Joe Wagner, fifth-generation winemaker and owner of Böen Wines launches the innovative Böen Ask Joe Virtual Wine Assistant. Wagner unveils the cloud-based virtual assistance program that puts the Böen winemaker right in consumers’ pockets to answer all of their questions or lead them through a one-on-one wine tasting, just by scanning the QR code located on all 2020 Böen Wines. This innovative platform connects wine lovers from around the world, giving them more wine knowledge, or aiding in their everyday enjoyment of wine.

The Ask Joe Virtual Wine Assistant aims to bring consumers closer to the wine in their glass by tapping into Joe’s knowledge, humor, and experience. Ask Joe creates a two-way dialogue between the winemaker and the wine lover. Tapping into the platform is as easy as scanning the QR code located on the bottleneck of all Böen 2020 vintage bottles or in your favorite retailer and wine shop and simply start talking to Virtual Joe. If you don’t have a bottle of Böen in front of you, the program can also be accessed by going to

“Today’s modern wine enthusiast is interested in learning about more than just what’s printed on the bottle label. We created the Ask Joe Virtual Assistant to provide consumers with an easy opportunity to dive into the behind the scenes of the wine in front of them as well as to share quick tips and facts,” says Joe Wagner. “I can’t wait for our Böen aficionados, both new and existing, to go through the Ask Joe experience and learn something new.”

Camp + King (C+K), the award-winning creative agency, designed the campaign to begin with a film launching Böen Terroir Gum, a fictional product, on April Fool’s Day as a misdirect. The second campaign film built on the innovation fail of terroir-infused gum to herald the actual product, Böen Ask Joe Virtual Wine Assistant. Honest and simple, with a hint of deadpan humour, the film introduces wine enthusiasts to Joe Wagner amidst the vines of his family’s vineyard as he introduces the truly innovative Ask Joe Virtual Wine Assistant. The campaign films are a production of Camp + King’s in-house production entity the Content Lab, fully produced from concept through production, post, and finishing.

“Working with Joe Wagner and Böen Wines for the launch of the Ask Joe Virtual Wine Assistant provided the opportunity for our team to reimagine the way in which the wine industry speaks to its enthusiasts,” says Jamie King, Founder and CEO of C+K. “The resulting campaign was as great a delight to our team as it is to the viewers.”

In addition to answering a wide variety of questions including those that are conveniently suggested on the homepage for the user, the Ask Joe Virtual Assistant also offers an interactive wine tasting experience with Virtual Joe. If the user has one of Böen’s five wines available, they can crack open a bottle, pour themselves a glass, and let Joe take them through an exclusive one-on-one wine experience that covers the aroma, palate, and food pairings.

AI smart speaker devices and consumer adoption has exploded in the past decade. According to a study by in 2020, 61.2% of smartphone owners use voice assistant.

Always ahead of the curve, Joe Wagner learned the ropes at a young age from his father. In the vineyard, Wagner garnered a love for cultivating the land, tending to the grapevines, the strengths of a good work ethic and leading by example. He established Belle Glos with the inaugural vintage of 2001 focusing on vineyard-designated Pinot Noirs. Since starting his blossoming company, Copper Cane Wines & Provisions, in 2014, Wagner has launched numerous new wines, each with a distinct slant towards his personal style. In 2019, Wagner returned his attention to an accessible version of his signature robust style of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with Böen. Today the Böen portfolio showcases 5 wines including a Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs from Sonoma County, Monterey County, and Santa Barbara County in California.

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