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BMGPM on Harnessing the Iconic SOUNDS OF RED BULL

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London, UK
BMG Production Music’s Sam Delves reveals what this exciting new catalogue means for the future
If we were to say Red Bull, your mind would probably conjure up flying cartoon angels, F1 drivers and death-defying stunts. And who could forget STRATOS, breaking the world record with a supersonic stratospheric free fall, deploying a Red Bull emblazoned parachute along the way?

Equally impressive - but perhaps less well known - is the fact that Red Bull is also one of the most integrated multimedia operations presently running, spanning entertainment, sports, music and lifestyle. Thanks to its forward-thinking approach, in 2007 the subsidiary Red Bull Media House was established to create content for Red Bull and other brands to meet growing demand. SOUNDS OF RED BULL, its entire music catalogue, is comprised of musicians and artists from creative industries the world round - from EDM ghost-writers to huge names in the film-scoring world.

Most recently, Red Bull Media House chose BMG Production Music to sub-publish its production music catalogue internationally. For BMGPM, this partnership with SOUNDS OF RED BULL is an exceptionally exciting prospect and one that global marketing manager, Sam Delves, digs into below.

Q> What does this new partnership mean for SOUNDS OF RED BULL and BMGPM?

Sam> Well, for lack of a better word, Red Bull’s media house is truly a powerhouse of content, not to mention a global leader in terms of the handling and distribution of intellectual property for secondary exploitation. Visual content aside, Red Bull - along with an increasing number of media companies - is coming to realise the potential of the commissioned music they own. We’re helping them realise that reality and potential. It was so clear from its curated catalogue that it had something special to offer in the production music domain and it’s great that they’ve chosen us to administer and market this worldwide to our clients. 

As the ‘New Music Company’ it’s important for us that clients build trust in our offering. Partnering with labels like SOUNDS OF RED BULL, who have established a music brand outside of the production music space, not only creates an instant familiarity for clients, but also proves that BMGPM has a compelling vision for the future of music for media - one that attracts the giants of the media industry! 

SOUNDS OF RED BULL x Devlin Braswell Sneaker Customization

Q> Red Bull Media House created SOUNDS OF RED BULL out of sheer demand - how were they so ahead-of-the-curve? 

Sam> Red Bull is a pioneer in content marketing and one of the best examples of a brand that creates meaningful and emotional connections with its audience. By having such far-reaching content initiatives, Red Bull is in a position to form partnerships on an unparalleled scale, which it’s done successfully for many years now. 

Importantly, it also owns the rights to the majority of its content, which sets them up for further collaboration through licensing content for new audio-visual projects. 

Q> You’re working very closely with Red Bull on this - have there been any artists or collections that have stood out for you?

Sam> A standout project for the team was the collaboration with DJ, producer and composer Junkie XL, known for his work on Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road and Man of Steel. A concept album inspired by Red Bull’s F1 team - each track scoring a particular aspect of the race, ‘The Racing Collection’ is an 11-track masterclass in electronic production, composed with the musical sensibilities to make it perfect for sync - it’s really awesome. 

SOUNDS OF RED BULL x SCOTT Sports and Dane Tudor 

Q> And, about the collection as a whole, how would you describe the catalogue and what makes it so unique?

Sam> Having inspiring visuals really is one of the best creative stimuli for a composer. The majority of the music you hear on the SOUNDS OF RED BULL catalogue has been composed with Red Bull’s ground-breaking content in mind, drawing inspiration particularly from its sports, culture and lifestyle programming. Music users and choosers who are familiar with these various platforms should be confident that tapping into the musical talent behind all of Red Bull’s beyond-ordinary stories will deliver the same impact for their own projects! 

Q> So what can we look forward to seeing with SOUNDS OF RED BULL?

Sam> For one, the SOUNDS OF RED BULL team have more great content planned for the year ahead and we’re excited to offer clients some unique Red Bull experiences this year, including events, digital installations and some great Red Bull swag!

Secondly, client events are a mainstay in our approach at BMGPM - especially to engage clients and maintain the great relationships we’re lucky to have. As a company synonymous with events, it makes perfect sense to draw upon the expertise at Red Bull for upcoming parties and showcases. Make sure you get on the invite list