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BLVR Leads Iconic Barbering and Styling Tools Company Andis' Rebrand

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Directed by Kevin Bolger, the manifesto film highlights the creative spirit of Andis through prefessionals and stylists to animal groomers and parents

San Diego based independent creative agency BLVR (Believer) recently helped rebrand the iconic barbering and styling tools company Andis Company from head to toe. Andis' new positioning is embodied perfectly in the corresponding manifesto film: "Create Your Way."  The digital film will continue to air online into 2022, accompanied by key campaign and retail initiatives.

BLVR helped Andis, a USA-owned, fourth-generation market leader, reimagine their end-to-end brand experience and company positioning, repositioning Andis as a creative empowerment brand, fully embodying the company’s commitment to championing creativity and artistry, all while paying homage to the brand’s strong legacy.  

The partnership began in 2019, and included everything from extensive market research and trend analysis, to developing a meaningful positioning, to reimaging the iconic Andis’ logo, to a full brand identity system, including web and mobile sites, new packaging design and unboxing experience, print and digital assets, as well as a library of educational content.

The manifesto film, directed by Kevin Bolger, is a culmination of the new brand positioning. It highlights the creative spirit found in Andis’ core user segments, from professional barbers and stylists, to animal groomers, to parents cutting their kids’ hair. The piece showcases the creativity, innovation and passion behind what drives Andis’ users to do what they do best. Connecting the livestock element of Andis’ business to the barbering side, BLVR found a unique story in the Compton Cowboys, who are featured in the film. The horseback and farming collective have used Andis’ tools on their animals for many years. Beyond that, what the Cowboys stand for resonates deeply with Andis’ beliefs and values, tenants which make this the ideal partnership between ambassador, agency and brand.

Since the beginning of BLVR and Andis’ relationship they have been driven to find a new way to emotionally connect by celebrating a higher purpose - one fueled by creativity, artistry and expression. This new brand positioning creates a historic moment to create a new era for Andis.

"Shifting Andis from a product-first brand to a lifestyle brand allows them to connect to their audiences and culture in new ways. Andis' ability to know when to pivot and how to pivot was a huge inspiration in working with them, especially for a brand that’s been around for so long and has a rich family history." - Austin Lane, creative director, BLVR

“Our new brand identity celebrates our creators. The stories of customers using our tools to express their creativity has always been our motivation to innovate, and we are excited to showcase their inspiration and passion with our new look. What matters most is the artistic journey our users embark upon with their Andis tools – creating in the manner that is unique, – an idea central to our new tagline, ‘Create Your Way.’ - Angie Vlasaty Peterson, director of branding, Andis.

“[Our relationship with Andis is] one of the more special ones... we actually had an organic, deep relationship with them already because Andis products are pretty much our go-to products at the barbershop and on the ranch. We love the ‘Create your Way’ statement Andis is making because it resonates with who we are and what we do. What we are doing did not exist before; we had to create our own way. The statement encompasses the whole idea of the Compton Cowboys -- a cowboy is a trailblazing figure. A cowboy is somebody that goes off the beaten path” - Compton Cowboys

“Working with Austin and everyone at BLVR and Andis really was an ideal collaborative relationship. We bonded right away and we decided to really get down and dirty together and make the best film we could. Nothing was off-limits — there was total trust. We found continuity between the artists because of that, and we were really lucky to work with the Compton Cowboys. The day we filmed with them was very special for everyone on the crew. The Cowboys really led the way, telling their story as it is, and it really resonated.” - Kevin Bolger, director

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