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BIMA100 Voices: Charlotte Williams

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London, UK
The founder of influencer marketing agency SevenSix uses her Instagram, newsletter and podcast to help grow female entrepreneurialism and sustainable businesses. Here, she discusses her career and influences
Every year, BIMA celebrates 100 of the people who are leading the industry right now. We’re not talking about work and projects – we’re talking about the leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and changemakers – the people we look up to. LBB is publishing enlightening conversations with these inspiring people.

In the latest in the BIMA100 Voices series, SevenSix Agency’s Charlotte Williams shows how passion and persistence have enabled her to showcase her capabilities.

Tell us about your career path – what led you here? 

I had a very traditional career path in the sense that I went to university to study Portuguese and Spanish (a high percentage of humanities students end up in marketing and advertising), completed a few internships and then went into my first low-paid but exciting marketing role. What was slightly non-traditional is that in my first two jobs in the marketing world I was hired for a completely different role and ended up pushing through to the job I wanted because I was passionate about social media and digital and vocal about my capabilities. I've always believed anyone can learn to do anything and my career truly showcases this. 

Who has been your greatest inspiration/mentor to date and why? 

I feel incredibly lucky to know so many successful and pioneering women in business who have inspired me to reach for the stars. These are friends and family who have created companies and spaces that really push boundaries. They have truly made me who I am today.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you love about what you do?

I love speaking to my team and hearing about what they're doing. Especially the juniors as they are so creative and innovative and come up with the best ideas. 

Workwise, what’s exciting you most right now? 

We are working on some really exciting projects with a few clients, a rebrand, an influencer campaign and a small passion project and the diversity of projects we get to work on really help make my job easier and more enjoyable. There's never a dull week at SevenSix! 

In your career to date, what has given you the biggest sense of pride?

I am obsessed with my team and there is nothing I am more proud of than the incredible women that I have hired in the last 12 months that make up my absolute dream team!

What difference has being part of the BIMA100 made – or what difference do you hope it might make? 

I'm hoping the BIMA100 will help with networking with the BIMA community and start conversations. We shall see!