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BIMA Starts the Search for Its Next Industry-Shaping Councils

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London, UK
Applications are open for the latest councils

Since 2017, BIMA’s councils have been busy helping to extend our geographic reach, increase our inclusivity and sharpen our focus in key areas including AI, immersive technology, blockchain and diversity.

Now, we’re preparing to launch our next generation of councils, and we need your help.

New councils

As ever, we’re not being prescriptive about how many new councils we’ll launch and what topics they’ll address. The number is likely to be small, but that really depends on the submissions we receive and the people submitting them.

So, if you are at the forefront of your particular area of tech/digital expertise and you want BIMA to shine a spotlight on the issues affecting your sector, we want to hear from you about how a new council, with you at the helm, could support the industry and take our work in new and exciting directions.

You can pitch your idea here

New chairs

In addition to launching a number of new councils, we’re also looking for new chairs, vice chairs and members of some existing ones.

Right now, we have opportunities to chair the following councils:

  1. South – ideally, the successful candidate will have a strong connection with - or be based in or around - Bristol
  2. AI
  3. Education – in particular, we are looking for candidates currently working in academia
  4. Data (vice chair)

Our council chairs are already prominent in their field, acknowledged as thought leaders with an impressive track record of achievement.

You can express your interest here

New members

We’re also looking for new members to join the following councils:

  1. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)
  2. Mentoring (particularly people with a coaching or mentoring background)
  3. Apprenticeships
  4. Brands

You can express your interest here

What’s in it for me?

“Getting involved can mean the chance to network, develop skills, build influence, champion the issues that matter most to you and grow the profile of you and your organisation. It’s challenging work, but it’s immensely rewarding.”

Nat Gross, Co-president

More than passion

You’ll notice that, throughout this piece, we’ve avoided use of the p word. That’s because we take passion as a given, a hygiene factor that goes without saying.

Our D&I Council is a prime example of this, but it applies equally to every other council. A passion in the topic is appreciated (and expected) but what matters is an ability to make a difference. That requires experience, a track record within the field and an opinion about what needs to happen next.

Applications are open until 20 November 2019.

For more information please email