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Bike Club Boldly Tells Customers Never to Buy a Kids Bike Again
Advertising Agency
London, UK
The comedic campaign was crafted by ad agency 10 Days

Bike Club, the kids bike subscription service, has launched a nationwide TV and OOH multi-million pound campaign created by 10 Days, with a humorous and punchy ad telling parents to never buy a kids bike again. 

Kids outgrow everything so fast. And with bikes it’s a particular problem. From ages four to 14, kids in the UK will, on average, outgrow seven bikes - that’s a lot of bikes. But, luckily for parents, that’s why Bike Club exists. With a Bike Club subscription, you can exchange as they grow, meaning parents will 'Never Buy a Kids Bike Again'. The new campaign created by 10 Days features a TVC, OOH (with a new look and feel design), and social assets.

The TVC, live across ITV and Sky Channels, features an unfortunate child, Jimmy, who ages five years in five seconds. It’s a feeling every parent can relate to. You buy them a brand new shiny bike, they immediately have a growth spurt, and you frustratingly realise you’ll have to buy a brand new bike again.

The ad was produced by 10 Days with the brilliant mix of practical and VFX trickery courtesy of Hack and Mash.

It’s not just the TVC that looks different. The purple-amber copy-led ads feel more at home on a protest placard than a London tube. To top it all off, they don’t even feature a logo, only 'BIKECLUB.COM', written in a font newly designed for the ads. You’ll have seen them by now, on Tubes and outdoor sites across London.

The ‘Never Buy A Kids Bike Again’ campaign was created by 10 Days London, media was planned and bought by Squadron Media, and social by Brand Pilot.

James Symes, co-founder of Bike Club, comments: “We have been blown away by the exceptional execution of 10 Days. The results of their creative strategy are frankly extraordinary. We’re talking double traffic, double sales, lower CAC, etc. We do hope you choose not to print this story as currently they’re an amazingly well kept secret. The moment people find out what 10 Days are doing, they’re going to be so busy and we’re never going to get a look in. Love you guys, but sorry not sorry.” 

George White, co-founder and strategy director at 10 Days, adds: “Bike Club is one of those ideas you wish you had come up with. At the very heart of Bike Club is a powerful truth about the reality of being a parent - it feels like it was just yesterday that you bought them a new bike, and they’ve already grown out of it. From here, 'Never Buy A Kids Bike Again' just came naturally. Hats off to James, Charlotte, Heidi, and the team, who were magnificent to work with.” 

Jolyon White, co-founder and creative director at 10 Days, comments: “Rather than every other ad that focuses on the positive, we chose the comedic truth of not using the product. It looks and feels very different to other ads on British telly at the moment. Especially the ones that operate in smiling, happy worlds in which everyone is satisfied all of the time.” 

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