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Biborg's Entertainment Benchmarks: January 2020



Biborg launches its benchmarks including Fortnite, Knives Out and Cadbury

Biborg's Entertainment Benchmarks: January 2020

1. The force is strong with Fortnite.

Challenge - 

For Fortnite, its biggest challenge is to maintain its ‘game as a service’ strategy, by releasing new creative content regularly to ensure the retention of its players. For Disney, its challenge is to communicate the ‘Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker’ launch, in an eventful way through a relevant activation towards its audience.

Response - 

An exclusive and unprecedented in-game event took place in Fortnite, featuring Star Wars.The in-game event started with a flying Millennium Falcon being chased by tie-fighters which later landed. A Fortnite version of J.J. Abrams, a Keighley hologram, and a Stormtrooper came out from the spaceship and were visible on stage. A small ‘interview’ took place with the protagonists asking the players what their favourite emotes are while spending time joking with them.

The players were allowed to choose which scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers they wanted to be able to discover at a world premiere – players could vote by going onto coloured areas in the game. The scene which won was the 'Jedi Mind Trick' scene in which Rey, Finn, and Poe sneaked aboard a First Order ship and Rey outwitted two Stormtroopers with a Jedi ghost trick. Then a screen appeared to ask players' what their favourite lightsaber colours are (using the same voting system). The event ended with players opening a box, unlocking in-game lightsabers while the Emperor’s voice warned them of the ‘Day of the Sith’.

What do we Think?

This event shows Epic Games' willingness to always find new ways to promote cultural goods within the game. Fortnite is well known for collaborating with other brands, along with its ‘game as a service’ strategy, but this collaboration showed some new and interesting features. 

Fortnite has shown us a new way to promote a movie, by broadcasting exclusive sequences right into the game. Also, even if it is not the first time, it is important to mention that the event was able to interact with the players by asking them for their favourite emote or by allowing them to choose the sequence of the movie they could watch and then the colour of their lightsabers. Even if there were many technical issues with servers to enable so many gamers to attend the in-game event, we had to remember two words of this event it would be: exclusivity and interactivity, as they are key factors in building memorable in-game events for players.

2. A pharmaceutical brand plays with gaming codes to reach a male audience... 

Challenge -

For Apotek Hjärtat, the challenge is to raise awareness for the brand toward a mostly young and male target audience.

Response -

Apotek approached Steam, so they can help gamers take care of their in-real-life skin. 

Gamers just had to add the brand as a friend and ask for an exchange. Then after trading a skin with the brand, they were registered to receive skincare products directly in their mailbox. 

The skincare items in question hail from the Spot Stop line. They include face wash, toner, moisturiser, spot treatment cream, facial masks, and cover-up; everything gamers need to stay stream-ready. 

The campaign was running on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch and had an activation during the esport event 'Dreamhack Winter 2019' that took place in Sweden.

What do we think -

This brand activation is exciting because not many beauty brands have entered the video game and esports market, yet here, Apotek came to both markets in a single activation. It shows us that the brand has fully understood the stakes and habits of gamers by setting up a simple and efficient activation, adapted to their needs and behaviours.

3. Metropolitan Films invites spectators of 'Knives Out' to investigate on Instagram

Challenge - 

Metropolitan Films, which distributes the film "Knives Out", had the challenge of increasing the film's notoriety and consideration among a young and connected audience, which usually is more likely to watch big blockbusters and action or sensational films.

Response - 
Metropolitan films have set up a promotion mechanism on social networks and more precisely on Instagram on the occasion of the film's release.
The mechanism was based on a quest that internet users had to solve by exploring different Instagram accounts. Each account corresponds to different rooms in a house, each one containing a suspect and his or her set of clues, such as those found in the game 'Clue'. To find the answer to the investigation, internet users had to explore each grid (9 photos) and roam between the different accounts. All in all, 12 Instagram accounts were set up (114 pictures/legends to be analysed). Those who managed to unravel the mystery of this mysterious investigation could try to win a 1 year Cinema free entrance or tickets to see the film theaters.

The more and the minus -
This activation is interesting because it uses a native Instagram feature to implement a creative and interactive activation. It is also easily shareable on social networks and is not too complicated to follow even for an Instagram newcomer. However, an experience like this one is very engaging and requires a real investment from the users, which can therefore block some people from participating.

4. Netflix is offering popcorn for '6 Underground' release

Challenge - 
The first challenge for Netflix was to ensure the launch of the action movie '6 Underground' directed by Michael Bay. The other challenge is to improve the perception of the platform: from a series publisher to a production and distribution company of quality movies and blockbusters.

Response - 
On the occasion of the movie's release, Netflix France has set up a social media activation based on the work done by the community management teams.
The Netflix France account shared a phone number on Twitter in a more or less mysterious way. All those who called this number were accessing a hotline allowing them to win a free delivery of popcorn to accompany the viewing of the film.

The more and the minus - 
Providing exclusive and free content to its users is a good way to strengthen Netflix's relationship with its subscribers. It is a 'small attention' that ensures the promotion of Michael Bay's movie. However, the message is very meaningful since popcorn is largely associated with the Cinema experience.. Netflix therefore shows that the brand is able to bring the cinema 'look and feel' inside its subscriber’s home thanks to their high-production movies.

5. Cadbury chocolate can also be eaten with eyes and ears thanks to EATertainment...

Challenge - 
To prepare the Easter season, Cadbury needs to stand out and reinforce the intent to purchase for its flagship products.
Response - 
To promote the 'Cream egg', Cadbury has developed a streaming platform (inspired by Netflix, OCS or Amazon Video) offering exclusive content. Surprise: all available content were produced by the chocolate brand and focused on the famous 'Cream Chocolate Egg'. Users could enjoy the site for free, but to access the full content they had to get a code printed on the Cadbury chocolate packages. 
Starting in February, users will be able to find two original Cadbury branded series on Amazon Prime, this time written and produced by Amazon.

The more and the minus - 
This campaign shows us how the brand has been able to understand entertainment best practices and how they have managed to address a young and connected audience. They used appropriate messaging and platforms based on the consumption habits of its audience. Streaming platforms are multiplying (Netflix, Amazon Prime, OCS, Disney +, etc.) and are gaining more and more followers. Cadbury shows that it is a modern company and is taking up the challenge of fresh creative and interactive experiences for its community.

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Biborg, Thu, 23 Jan 2020 14:25:18 GMT