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Behind the Scenes with Division Film in Slovenia for The Glenlivet
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London, UK
Division worked with Prettybird's Tom Noakes for the CP+B spot

Division Film in Slovenia pulled out all the stops works with director Tom Noakes at Prettybird on an epic new commercial for The Glenlivet from agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

The spot continues their Original by Tradition campaign dramatising the story of founder George Smith - watch ‘Against The Tide’ here.

The ad was shot over six days with the Division team in Slovenia and it involved building a giant functioning treadmill, with multiple SFX and wireworks foreach scene.

Rok Bukovec, executive producer, Division Film: “On this production we were going into uncharted territory. We built a mind blowing giant working treadmill, probably the largest one of its kind in the world - or at least the largest we know of - for a super-technical shoot.  This is the kind of project we especially enjoy, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and all the technical aspects ran smoothly from start to finish”.

Tom Noakes, director,Prettybird: “Glenlivet 'against the tide' was an impossible challenge. To capture all the effects in camera we had to build these hugely complex sets atop a giant working treadmill. I am grateful to Rok, Urska and the legendary Slovenian team for rising to the challenge and bringing this absurd concept to life!”

Marcus Eley, head of production, CP+B: “Facilitating a production of this nature in normal circumstances would have been challenging, doing it during a pandemic with multiple cast & crew was doubly so. The communication, facilities and crew were all fantastic and, given the logistical challenges faced with travel, testing, PPE, social distancing and communication, it never felt at anypoint that things were out of control. Inthe fast paced & demanding environment of a Global commercial campaign shoot, a head of production needs options and solutions and the Division team didn’t let me down”.

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