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BBH Launches Creative Incubator Course Led By Industry Respected Luminary Tony Cullingham

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Tony was previously the programme leader of The Watford Advertising Course

BBH London is refreshing its creative placement scheme, Barn, with the appointment of Tony Cullingham. Tony was previously the programme leader of The Watford Advertising Course – source of creative teams for the UK industry – for over 30 years.

The Barn refresh, initiated by BBH’s ECD Helen Rhodes, will see Tony lead a new creative incubator course designed to give individuals without any industry experience a gateway opportunity for a career in advertising, removing traditional barriers to entry and opening it up to more people from different backgrounds. 

The full-time,10-month course will give eight people the opportunity to launch their careers in the industry. Unlike traditional advertising schools, the course is free to attend and candidates will be paid.

Helen Rhodes, ECD of BBH London said: “Tony is one of the most respected figures in our industry, who has been fuelling our creative departments for years. The opportunity to partner with him to refresh Barn and expand the pool of brilliant, diverse talent entering our industry today is not only really exciting but also essential. As a former student of Tony’s, I know what learning from him is like and I’m so pleased other students will be able to experience it.”

Through the 11 years of the Barn creative placement programme, BBH has trained three creative teams, three times a year. Previous applicant candidates had already been through a creative advertising course. 

Tony Cullingham said: "I've gone from running the best ad school in the UK to running a better one at BBH. The creative lambs at BBH Barn will have the oldest shepherd in town. I can't wait to take them to green pastures."

This year’s programme, which will begin in November, will be led by Tony and guest mentors from Tony’s wide-reaching network. The final module will help individuals and teams to develop their portfolios, and provide tips on securing a job. After the first Boot Camp semester the group will work on BBH brands, both live briefs and other opportunities. 

The programme is open for applications now.

BBH has also partnered with organisations including Hidden, Media Trust and Creative Mentorship Network who have an extensive network of young people looking for opportunities in the creative industries. A selection process based on interviews and creative tasks will be devised to choose the candidates, with a focus on ethnic, gender and socio-economic diversity.

Earlier this month, due to a steady declining number of applicants over the last 10 years, Tony Cullingham announced his resignation from The Watford Course, and the Post-Graduate Diploma in Copywriting he ran since 1988. Up to half of many creative departments are ex graduates. Many of the top agencies have Creative Directors who started out at Watford.

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