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BBDO NY CD Designs One Show Three Book Collection

Advertising Agency
New York, USA
Brazilian Danilo Boer receives honour this year

The 2013 One Show Annuals have just been released.

Each year, a particular creative or agency receives the honour of designing the three book collection: The One Show, One Show Design and One Show Interactive.

This year, the designation went to Danilo Boer, an award-winning Creative Director at BBDO New York who hails from Brazil and has previously served as a One Show judge.

The idea for this year’s book came from Danilo's understanding of what the One Show Pencil represents.

Danilo describes why the One Show Pencil is so meaningful: “It is important because, with the One Show Pencil, we leave a mark. With this beautiful, two-sided, Gold Pencil, we put our names in the history of advertising, design and communication. It represents accomplishment. Realization. Achievement. Success. But, we also know this recognition does not come easily. It takes hard work to create a campaign worthy of the award. And, the creative process often leaves us bruised, hurt, and filled with scars."

The One Show Annual is in its 35th year of publication and is still considered the "Bible of the ad industry."

The enclosed imagery, of the books and select pages, exhibit Danilo’s design vision for this year’s Annual.  The design imagines using the One Show’s metal trophy as a literal pencil, writing and drawing with it on walls, floors, windows and doors. The city becomes the canvas where the One Show pencil writes its pages.

As Danilo says, the art is "A celebration of suffering and struggling"