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BBDO Guerrero’s Underwater Disco For Philippine Tourism

Advertising Agency
Manila, Philippines
A diver gets a surprise as a shoal of fish transforms into a giant glitter ball

BBDO Guerrero has launched the latest in a series of Philippine Tourism TV commercials, this time focusing on Cebu.

Some of the world's finest, and most easily accessible, diving sites are on the Philippine island of Cebu, including the famous 'sardine-run' where giant schools of fish swim in formation. Cebu is also the same place where the country's best guitars are made.

The idea was to combine these two elements by showing the fish responding to guitar music. In doing so the fish form themselves into a giant disco ball. The spell is broken when we go above the surface to see the guitar being played on a boat.

Putting all this together took a collaboration between director, Lyle Sacris, of Film Pabrika and renowned special effects house, The Mill.  Effects Supervisor, Thomas Raynor, flew over from London to attend the shoot. And Tony Lam came in from HK as cinematographer. Original music was composed by Malek Lopez with Hit productions.

David Guerrero, Creative Chairman BBDO Guerrero, said: "It's hard to do justice to an incredible tourism destination like Cebu. But our team and everyone who worked on this gave it everything they've got. And we hope it does the job in getting more people to come and see The Philippines for themselves. Your experience with the fish may vary of course. But we are pretty sure you will enjoy it.”

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