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BBDO China Creates the Failed Commercial to Launch Mercedes-AMG
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Singapore, Singapore
In a game of cat and mouse the AMG GT model is too fast for its own commercial
To launch Mercedes-Benz’s new high performance car, the Mercedes-AMG GT, BBDO China developed an innovative campaign to ignite the driving passions of sports car enthusiasts who wouldn’t typically consider a Mercedes-Benz. As a hero model built on AMG’s racing pedigree, BBDO worked with Mercedes-Benz to bring the powerfully visceral experience of driving the GT to life through a television commercial, dedicated online video, cinema, print and outdoor advertising.

The campaign strategy positions the Mercedes-AMG GT as a high performance car that’s meant to be experienced, not merely shown off. It aims to capture the hearts and minds of a new breed of discerning automotive connoisseurs who seek substance over specs.    

“There is a common perception that most supercar owners care more about showing off than driving performance. We therefore tapped into the deep-seated truth that most supercar drivers never know how to unleash their car’s true potential,” said Arthur Tsang, chief creative officer, BBDO Beijing.

The ‘failed’ commercial  

The TVC explores the feelings of envy and admiration among the world of supercar owners when they discover the specifications and pedigree of the new AMG GT. It’s a new way to deliver the core selling messages with a unique storytelling approach.

“We created TV content not normally used in China, by infusing humour, global scale and glossy production values that ultimately entertains the audience instead of just informing them. This campaign is a great step in that direction,” commented Tsang.

The teaser campaign

The launch was preceded by a teaser film which ran in cinemas and online. In the teaser, the objective was to hint at the lightning-fast performance of the car – so fast, in fact, that the cameras of its launch commercial can’t keep up with it.

In a game of cat and mouse, the AMG GT keeps evading the various camera set-ups and edit points, creating a “failed” TVC production and a hapless confused announcer who hopes he’ll still be paid for the job.

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