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BBDO Beijing Isn't Settling For Second Best in New Bayer Pharma Campaign
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New York, USA
The new campaign aims to pull on the audience's heart strings

BBDO Beijing has helped Bayer Pharma launch a digital campaign to support Yasmin’s OTC launch in China. 

Yasmin, a Combined Oral Contraceptive (COC) manufactured by Bayer Pharma, is now available at major pharmacies in China. Instead of creating a product centric campaign, BBDO Beijing has taken an alternative approach and created a campaign that aims to pull at the heart strings of their target audience. 

“We are lucky enough to live in an age where women truly have the opportunity to spread their wings and take control of their lives. In contrast to the deeply ingrained cultural and linguistic prejudices about what women should be, Yasmin offers an important message and celebrates the potential we’re seeing in women in modern China. We hope this campaign will inspire a new generation of young Chinese women to fulfil their potential”, commented Arthur Tsang, CCO of BBDO Beijing.

Beyond good enough, empower you to blossom. 

The campaign is targeted at modern women who have a high expectation of themselves and strive to be their best in exchange for a high quality of life. BBDO Beijing and Yasmin believe that as with career, lifestyle and love, modern women shouldn’t have to compromise on their contraception decision too - they deserve a “beyond good enough” option. 

BBDO Beijing discovered that the Chinese character with a “女” has provided many definitions of women. However, in the present day, modern women have done and achieved so much more, even far more than any existing Chinese Characters can define. With this, they launched a video that asks the target audience to relook at Chinese Characters with “女”and invites them to create their own characters that can express their infinite possibilities (女∞).

You can check out the video (Chinese with English subtitles) by clicking here.

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