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Bassetts Vitamins Latest Campaign is for People That Don’t Do Vitamins

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London, UK
The campaign from VCCP London is a complete refresh of Bassetts Vitamins

Bassetts Vitamins launches its new brand platform called ‘Vitamins for people that don’t do vitamins.’ The integrated campaign is the debut platform for the complete vitamin range, and is designed to show that Bassetts Vitamins is for everyone. Devised by agency of record, VCCP London, the new campaign advocates that taking vitamins should be easily accessible, enjoyable and effective for all. This is the first piece of work for VCCP London since it acquired the Bassetts Vitamins business in October last year. 

Bassetts Vitamins recently launched a new range of vitamins set to both shake up, and bring simplicity to the vitamin category, by offering tailored and comprehensive formulations for all the family in an easy-to-take chewy format. The new range marks the first new adult additions since Bassetts Vitamins launched their best-selling adult product in 2015, and includes: Pregnancy, Woman, Man, Woman 50+, and Man 50+. The new platform, which launches across the UK is designed to target ‘people that don’t do vitamins’ and instead champions that Bassetts Vitamins is the brand that caters to everyone, including both adults and children. 

The new brand platform aims to challenge the vitamin category, and launches with the strapline ‘Vitamins for people that don’t do vitamins.’  The campaign creative injects realness into the category in a bid to connect with the everyday customer, and banish outdated stereotypes conjured up by the healthcare product category. Bassetts Vitamins has used its scientific expertise to create great tasting gummies, which are not only enjoyable to take, but are also packed full of benefits for everyone. Years of research and development goes into the formulation of Bassetts Vitamins, and this approach has been emulated to create a new brand platform creative which is playful and modern, yet demonstrates their positive, and healthy benefits once adopted into people’s daily routines. ‘Vitamins for people that don’t do vitamins’ aims to reach a broad cross section of UK adults who are both purchasing for themselves, and their household to show that Bassetts Vitamins are for everyone. 

The campaign will run across OOH, DOOH, YouTube and social (Instagram and Facebook), and includes bold, honest and down-to-earth messaging which speaks to ‘real’ people who aren’t obsessed with vitamins. The campaign creative embodies the iconic colourful feel Bassetts Vitamins has always had, but instead looks to position itself in a tongue-in-cheek, ‘adult’ manner. The typography has been developed by Rude Studios, and the work is a step change from stereotypical healthcare positioning often associated with vitamin and healthcare marketing. 

At the heart of the campaign are different variations of the hero strapline ‘Vitamins for people who don’t do vitamins’ and the language aims to speak to the everyday person who aspires to keep fit and healthy, whilst leading normal, busy lives. Presented on bold, colourful backgrounds, all creative iterations of the new campaign feature a playful Bassetts Vitamins iconic gummy which replaces the letter ‘O’ across all campaign messaging. All three, colourful 6 second videos will launch across YouTube, featuring bold language set against colourful, contrasting backgrounds. The campaign creative features hero shots of the core and new Bassetts Vitamins products, and similar campaign creative will roll out across social channels and DOOH, again featuring the red Bassetts Vitamin as the focal point and playful campaign language such as ‘but all in a little squidgy gummy.’ 

Skye Walter, marketing manager, Ernest Jackson & Co Limited said: “We’re passionate about creating a product range that caters to entire households, as well as our core heartland of kids vitamins I’m delighted that our new Bassetts Vitamins campaign works hard to cancel the complexities of the vitamin category, and take the confusion out of knowing which vitamins to buy. VCCP London nailed the brief, and our latest campaign is fun, punchy and relatable - even for those people who don’t ‘do’ vitamins!” 

Caroline Rawlings, creative director at VCCP London added: “Oh, this project has been such a joy. Bassetts Vitamins is a really interesting brand in its category. From their squidgy, brightly coloured product, to their ambition and bravery as a client. So I love that the team has created a campaign that feels completely Bassetts Vitamins. Colourful, honest, hardworking, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and really quite fresh for a vitamin company. Here’s to the people who aren’t really vitamin taking people finding the vitamins for them. All credit to the team here, over at Bassetts Vitamins and our brilliant designers. It’s brave work that I’m jolly proud of.”

Bassetts Vitamins latest brand campaign ‘Vitamins for people that don’t do vitamins’  will run from today in the UK for six weeks and will roll out across OOH, DOOH, YouTube and social (IG & FB). A PR campaign will be run by H&K strategies and all media has been planned and executed by Carat. 

The complete Bassetts Vitamins range is now available to buy in Boots and Tescos amongst other retailers across the UK.  

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