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Baldwin Reimagines Luxury for a New Generation in Latest Campaign

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Miami, USA
In & Out Productions’ Michał Sabliński directs the truly international campaign, spanning Poland to Colombia

Luxury hardware retailer Baldwin has teamed up with brand transformation agency SCS and In & Out Productions to bring luxury to a new market with its latest campaign, ‘Obsession is Good’.

Having embodied the image of prestige for generations, Baldwin has set the standard for all others to follow. Continuing to pioneer, the hardware retailer is now expanding its horizons, welcoming a different market with a new vision of luxury. Shifting focus to HENRYs, (“High Earners, Not Rich Yet”), who represent the future of wealth in America, the teams at Baldwin, SCS, and In & Out collaborated to appeal to an audience that is not drawn in by status or heritage alone, but by relevant connections with a brand, as well as timeless yet modern design.

The captivating ‘Obsession is Good’ campaign, directed by In & Out’s Michał Sabliński, debuts the new Baldwin brand with a bang. Sledgehammers, clashing metal, and choppy editing collide with stunning visuals to craft an abstract and arresting spot that redefines the look and feel of luxury door hardware for a new market.

A dedicated international effort, the diverse production team included partners from Poland and Colombia, and was shot on location in and around Bogotá. With stunning visuals in every direction, there was plenty of inspiration for the crew. 

Director Michał Sabliński comments: “Shooting in Colombia, with all the freedom I had been given, was such an amazing time. We were motivated by this desire to be different, and I felt I’d rather play with what I could do during pre-production than try to imagine too much on a piece of paper. It’s the best feeling to combine meticulous preparation with moments of pure improvisation. One moment we’d be shooting precise macro shots of the lock’s mechanism, and 10 minutes later we’d be freestyling crazy shots with a beautiful androgenic model. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Matt Zimmer, Vice President Marketing - Security Hardware at Spectrum Brands, adds: “This is not a shift or approach we take lightly. We’re making a number of strategic moves to ensure the future of the Baldwin brand, and shifting our tone is important for us to show the industry—as  much as the audience—a new face and new passion for Baldwin as a brand.”

The campaign launched with a 60” and 30” second spot, as well as a suite of 15” second spots, along with 6” spots that will reach across broadcast television, CTV, paid and native social content.

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