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Bailey's Chocolat Luxe
Post Production
London, UK
101, MPC and RSA's Johnny Hardstaff whisk up a chocolate dream

Sublime smoke effects, underwater models and cascading chocolate rivers combine in Baileys new ‘Chocolat Luxe’ spot by 101 London, with extensive VFX completed by MPC. Johnny Hardstaff directed the ad, which is an amalgamation of shot elements, live action and CG.



MPC were approached ahead of the shoot to help plan the VFX heavy spot. Ludo Fealy, MPC VFX Supervisor said, “This was a challenging brief, but one that we relished finding solutions for.  The initial concept was stylised yet abstract, which left a lot of room for us to experiment with different elements and textures. Both the agency and Johnny had a number of ideas for each shot, keeping us on our toes and eventually resulting in the unique final spot.” 


The team experimented with live action on set, shooting actors and liquids as well as re-creating certain segments in CG for a more specialised look. The opening shots show liquid shot elements, which transition into chocolate covered CG body parts. Another transition then reveals real silk, which again transforms into a CG woman. 


A cloud tank was utilised to create the ethereal smoke-like effects, and a model shot in Pinewood’s famous underwater tank was composited into the shots. The kissing sequence was created entirely in CG, as were multiple chocolate covered hands and the Baileys bottle in the final shot. 


In addition to the CG and 2D integration, a great deal of clean up was required including the removal of bubbles and additional liquid drips. 

Agency: 101
Creatives: Tim Donald and Misha Newby
Creative Directors: Augusto Sola and Mark Elwood
Producer: Natalie Curran

Production Company: RSA
Director: Johnny Hardstaff 
Producer: Tim Wild 
DoP: Dan Landin 

Editor/Editing House: Amanda James @ Final Cut

VFX Producers: Dionne Archibald and Marianna Bruynseels
VFX Supervisors: Anthony Bloor, Ludo Fealy and Michael Gregory 
Grade: MPC
Colourist: George K