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Award-Winning Director Gerard de Thame Joins Mutt Film

Production Company
Los Angeles, United States
Gerard has been the creative force behind spots for major brands such as adidas, American Express, and Audi
Award-winning director Gerard de Thame will bring his world-class talent to Los Angeles and New York-based commercial production company, Mutt Film. Known for his meticulous eye and spectacular visual approach, de Thame is one of the commercial world’s most sought-after image-makers, with more than 500 advertisements to his credit. The move to Mutt Film places de Thame among the collective of directors, producers, and designers at the production studio that values versatile and unique perspectives in storytelling.

Gerard de Thame has been the creative force behind spots for major brands such as adidas, American Express, Audi, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Microsoft, Nike, and Samsung. He also directed a documentary-style ad for Whole Foods, which escalated into the first-ever national campaign for the health food retail giant.

de Thame’s knack for cinematic intimacy is apparent in the recent RAM “School Talk” spot he directed for GSD&M. Focusing on the emotions of a father speaking at career day, de Thame used images of the truck minimally and only in a completely natural way. He describes the campaign as a dream project: “At the heart of the film is the idea of passing core values from one generation to the next. Blending the father’s voice over over a recollection of associative images hit a tenor of emotion that’s rare in the auto advertising space.”

From big-budget promotions for leading car, tech and beverage brands to surprisingly low-key intimate character-driven narratives, de Thame is known for his versatility, drive and award-winning flair. He has earned Emmy nominations for his work for Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, and numerous industry honors such as Cannes Gold Lions, D&ADs, AICP and Clio Awards. The recipient of BTAA’s Best Commercial of the Year, de Thame also had the great distinction of having his work showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The British native made his directorial debut with a black and white short film shot in 16mm. He continues to approach filmmaking in much the same way. He directs and shoots, often times using pocket-sized cameras that allow him to be nimble on his feet. At the same time, he gives actors and non-actors space on set. This can break down narrative expectations and help to create a relaxed atmosphere, which can bring intimate moments to life.

“In many ways, things have come full circle,” says de Thame. “I started out hand-holding lightweight 16mm Aaton cameras. Now I’m back to hand-holding even smaller ones, and I absolutely adore the freedom that it brings.”

“I think one of the most liberating things about our business is that no two projects are ever the same,” he continues. “Each set of challenges and parameters forces you to adapt and try new things. I always look for projects that allow for experimentation and the opportunity to elevate the creative vision to a higher ground.”

Joining him in this new venture is his executive producer Shannon Lords-Houghton, now a partner at Mutt, and his longstanding producer Fabyan Daw. de Thame says he knew Mutt was the right place for him upon meeting partners Beth George and Jonathan Hyde, “It was clear they have a vision for the future, but aren’t opposed to pivoting when things need to change. They not only support my own perspective, they encourage it. Those are the kind of people I want to work with.”

Says EP/owner Beth George, “I have been a massive fan of Gerard’s work for a very long time. I’m so inspired by his ability to see the little things, yet capture the big sweeping picture at the same time. We are honored to be working together.”

Gerard’s previous representation includes HSI, Believe Media and Supply&Demand. Check out his work here.
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