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Audio Post Shop Sonic Union Launches Curated Music Search Portal

Post Production
New York, USA
SuperSonic will facilitate and accelerate the process of audio selection at the editorial level of commercial production

New York-based post production audio house Sonic Union today announced a market expansion of its multi-catalogue production music search system, SuperSonic, designed to facilitate and accelerate the process of audio selection at the editorial level of commercial production. Assembled by audio experts, the interface hosts a roster of over 600,000 fine-tuned tracks, drawn from catalogues such as 5Alarm, Megatrax and a dozen other well-regarded, high quality libraries. Licensing and clearance is handled seamlessly by Sonic Union.

SuperSonic is carefully curated by Sonic Union professionals to carry only modern versions, relevant period tracks and accurately described tunes, all on one easily searchable site.

Sonic Union funnelled a decade of experience into SuperSonic, as it originated as Sonic Union’s personal in-house library music search tool, which exponentially grew and evolved over the years to now be shared as a practical solution to benefit outside users in the industry. Users receive personalised service from a team of music experts, led by Music Supervisor Justin Morris, that is dedicated to helping with searches and user experience in all major markets.

Sonic Union carries a robust media liability policy specific to music licensing (often required by agencies) and does not compose or commission any music of its own. There is no fee to use the portal and users do not have to be a client company to access the library collections, but a sign-up process is required to first attain access. Streaming will be available for users with solely a username and password, and completing the established SuperSonic download agreement allows users to have download privileges. Courtesy streaming kick-off searches are also available prior to being registered.

Sonic Union Managing Director and Co-Founder, Adam Barone notes, “When we need to find a great track fast in session, we benefit from having already invested time and effort into pruning the catalog offerings to what we’d actually use, and searching across all those simultaneously. So we thought - why not extend that to our editorial clients and beyond?”

SuperSonic includes the options to make-your-own playlist or select from an array of pre-made “trending” playlists, which can all be sent via email. Users can also customise their view of the site with organisable columns on the side and search for a track by library name or keyword, and refine their search results with a drop-down menu. 

“As a music supervisor, I’m using SuperSonic everyday as my main source of budget-friendly library music,” notes Morris. “Many users tell us that our playlists save time by creating great jumping-off points, and showing that multiple sources were considered for the best possible track for a project.”

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