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Are You Brave Enough to Go Skiing with Horses?

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London, UK
JWT London introduces 'Skijoring' in beautiful Canon ad directed by Academy's Marcus Soderlund

Exploding out of a frozen swirling blizzard of snow, ice and sub-zero winds a galloping horse - a creation of pure sinew, muscle and primeval power - bursts into a lonely ice landscape of white peaked distant mountains and forever expanding lonely blue skies. 

Clinging on behind, a man protected by only the lightest all-weather gear and his belief in his skill and prowess skis behind the rider-less horse manipulating the raw power at a breath-taking 50km/h. He is 55-year old Franco Moro, self-confessed speed freak and snow chaser and the Skijoring World Champion. 

It the latest instalment of the “Come and See” campaign for Canon, J. Walter Thompson took a range of Canon cameras and some intrepid bearded crew to the unstable winter of Argentina’s mountains to film Franco’s preparation for the Skijoring World Championships. 

As with the past four executions in the “Come and See” series the content not only introduces the viewer to a new world of fascinating experiences and authentic stories but entices them to get involved and share their own.

By showing the viewer that not everyone’s Christmas is about expansive tables groaning with food, warm fireplaces and smiling ice skaters, Canon asks camera users to go out and explore their own unique perspective of Winter and Christmas. 

The film will sit on the Canon “Come and See” online hub alongside behind-the-scenes footage, technique videos and hints and tips – all helping users capture their own stories. 

The massive array of content on the hub is designed to accommodate all consumer mind-sets and experience levels, from amateur photographers to the most experienced camera operators. 

The film is also designed to highlight specific features of the Canon range, such as the ability to crisply capture subjects moving at breath-taking speed. The camera market has faced tough times with the proliferation of high quality camera phones. Canon’s answer has been to embrace the surge of interest in the category, and showcase the benefits of taking the next step in their photograpic journey with them.

Adam Scholes, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “The “Come and See” campaign is all about delivering something new and exciting, but also inspiring people to get their camera out and teaching them how to get the best out of it – and Skijoring gave us the ideal way to do this. 

“Also, by eschewing the storyboard and following a brief of exploration and reactivity the crew were able to continue filming during an abrupt and almost incapacitating snowstorm, allowing us to capture some of the most beautiful shots in the film. It also gave us a chance to really put the camera through its paces.”

Nigel Taylor, EMEA Consumer Imaging Marketing Communications Director, said: “We want consumers to have fun, be creative and share the everyday in their own way. Storytelling is at the heart of the “Come and See Campaign. Through the Canon online hub we can deliver inspiration, education and all the tools they need to tell their own authentic stories. They have the story and idea, Canon is the enabler.”

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