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APCP Releases Study On The Economic Impact of Advertising Production in Spain

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Madrid, Spain
Made in partnership with SCOPEN, the main aim of the study is to offer a current and real analysis of the market in economic terms

The APCP - ‘’Spanish Advertising Production Association” - in collaboration with SCOPEN carried out a study that allows us to estimate how the Audiovisual Production market is configured in Spain based on four key ideas.


Destination of media investment

Business Activity

Hiring of personnel

The main aim of the study is to offer a current and real analysis of the market in economic terms.

Currently, there are 128 active production companies in the Spanish market, of which 60 took part in the study. The study is based on an online questionnaire with telephone support.

The first key idea is billing. The estimated volume of the Advertising Film Production sector in Spain is around 440 million euros, having experienced an increase of  37% in two years. Depending on its size, the average billing per production company per large production was 8.042.477€, in the medium 1.888.864€ and the small 689.089€. So, the average billing per production company has increased to almost 4.5 million euros.

Secondly, 78% of the income of advertising film production companies goes to Television and Cinema, with a billing of more than 340 million euros. The remaining 22% is destined to Other Media, mainly Digital media, with an estimated volume around 100 million euros. Foreign customers account for 62.6% of all income with 275 million euros.

Thirdly, in activity, 2017 saw an investment of 231 million euros in advertising production in Spain among equipment rental, image rights, accommodation, and others, with equipment rental the biggest investment and location rental fees the smallest budget item. Another aspect to consider is the average expenditure of foreign production companies in Spain is 1,437,135 euros.

And finally, the total number of personnel costs amounts to just over 191 million euros - 44% of total turnover. Suppliers account for almost one third of total personnel expenses (29.0%), while salaried employees (49.7%) are the most frequent. On the other hand, self-employed workers only represent 21.3% of the total personnel expenses. In addition, the jobs created are around 90,000.

All in all, the results are encouraging. In addition, it is expected that the investment in advertising production will grow in the coming years. The above data belongs to the latest study conducted at the end of 2017 and which is repeated every two years.  

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