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APA Announces Huge Government Boost for UK Commercials Production 

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London, UK
Advertising Producers Association launches a quarantine exemption for directors, actors and directors of photography producing in the UK

Directors, Actors and Directors of Photography entering into England for a commercials production will be exempt from the requirement to quarantine for 14 days on returning to the UK, in a major boost for UK commercials production and UK advertising generally from today. 

The exemption was developed with the Advertising Producers Association (APA), the trade body for commercials production companies, and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport reflecting its long term support for the advertising sector and its role in economic growth and UK exports. 

The new measures will enable advertisers and advertising agencies in the UK to use the best directing talent from around the world and enable international brands and agencies to shoot in the UK with the talent they want to work with. 

The exemption recognises the key role the advertising industry has in UK exports, being worth £6.9 billion to the UK economy and growing faster than any other UK export sector, as well as the importance of advertising to the economy as a whole - every £1 spent on advertising generates £6 for the economy. So UK advertising will help the UK economy get back on its feet more quickly. 

That represents a huge opportunity because the UK commercials production sector has an outstanding reputation around the world and particularly to attract work from the USA. 

It is particularly welcome as, similar to many other sectors, commercials production companies did not have enough work for a long period this year, so the opportunity to make up for that and thus ensure their businesses survive is greatly improved by these measures. 

Steve Davies, APA chief executive said: “This is huge for our members and very welcome from the Government. It will help our members sustain their own businesses and to contribute to the rebirth of the British economy and exports.” 

Stephen Woodford, CEO, Advertising Association said: “This is a vital development to reinforce the fact that the UK advertising is very much open for business, here to help customers from around the world grow their business. Our industry is working fast to adapt to the challenge and its entrepreneurial spirit will be right at the heart of the UK’s economic and social recovery.” 

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