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Ant Farm Brings COD: Ghosts Gameplay to Life
New launch trailer featuring new Eminem single 'Survival'

Leading entertainment advertising agency Ant Farm has partnered with Activision and its award-winning developer Infinity Ward to showcase a comprehensive series of next generation gameplay trailers for Call of Duty: Ghosts, the latest installment in the blockbuster Call of Duty® franchise.


Today’s release of the epic gameplay trailer continues a campaign-long series of striking gameplay spots that began with the May 21 Reveal Trailer (which has received more than 18 million online views), and has gone on to include the groundbreaking presentation of Call of Duty: Ghosts at E3, as well as key reveals of multiplayer and single-player trailers. Ant Farm has produced multiple gameplay trailers and commercials for the campaign, in addition to the mnemonic design and graphics packages, all featuring creative that was brought to life with in-engine gameplay, including:

- Reveal Trailer, released May 21, 2013
- Behind The Scenes Preview, released May 21, 2013
- Tech Comparison Video, released May 21, 2013
- E3 Attract & Show Mode, event June 11-13, 2013
- Global Multiplayer Reveal Event, event August 14, 2013
- Gamescom: Blitz Game Mode Trailer, event August 21-25, 2013
- Free Fall Downloadable Bonus Map Preview Video, released August 28, 2013
- Single Player Campaign Trailer, released September 10, 2013
- Squads Trailer, released October 3, 2013
- Gameplay Launch Trailer, released October 21, 2013


"We’re proud to continue our extensive support of this iconic gaming franchise," said Rob Troy, Co-President at Ant Farm. “With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision and Infinity Ward have created an extraordinary entertainment property. They have collaborated closely with us to craft one of the most unique and dynamic campaigns the entertainment world has ever seen, and we’re excited to continue to present this amazing series to a new generation." 



Agency: Ant Farm 
Co-President: Rob Troy
Creative Director: Scott Carson
Producer: Ryan M. Vickers

Concept: Ant Farm 

Cinematography: Jason Norrid (Lead), Rick Grubel  
Film Production Coordinator: Marquis Cannon

Editor: Beau Cassidy 

Finishing/Colorist: Ant Farm and Method Studios

Graphics and Mnemonic Design: Mike Pendola (Lead Designer)

Survival by Eminem
Interscope Records

Mixing: Sonic Pool/Patrick Bird

Richard Green (mnemonic narrator)