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André Stringer and Rani Melendez Join Forces to Launch Creative Collaboration Company DOMO
Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
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Two pioneers in creative innovation set out to grow a better production company

Renowned director André Stringer has teamed-up with production visionary Rani Melendez to launch DOMO, a creative collaboration company representing a hand-picked roster of top-tier directors and multidisciplinary creative talents.

For its official launch, DOMO’s site features the work of André as well as accomplished directors Chantal Anderson, Henrik Rostrup, Jonathan Klein, Julian King, Justice Mukheli, Mez for Heirs, and Noah Conopask. The company’s staff also includes long-time production collaborator Alison Bayer Brown.

DOMO launches on the heels of the André-helmed Under Armour 'Gift of the Game' global campaign and the launch of Lexus’s coveted LX line with Team One, Conopask’s upcoming Bullish launch spot with AKQA, and forthcoming projects by Anderson and Klein.

Leveraging the co-founders’ career achievements – including André’s history as director at RESET Content over the past decade, and those of Rani as managing director at The Mill LA and previously as executive producer for Traktor, the world’s most award-winning directors collective – DOMO’s integrated capabilities span the full creative spectrum, with expertise that includes production as well as ideation, finishing, and music.

“DOMO is an evolution of all touchpoints along my journey in this life and industry,” Rani began. “To have one place that properly addresses the duality of production and creativity is an extraordinary opportunity. There is no mistaking how one benefits the other.”

“If you map out Rani’s background and mine,” André explained, “we’ve both been at the forefront of innovation in conceiving ground breaking creative work and bringing it to life. We also share a deep love for our clients and our collaborators. For all of us, DOMO is the place where co-creation thrives on all levels.”

An Emmy Award-winning creative and trusted confidant among global brands including Under Armour, Beats by Dre, and many others, André continued: “Out of DOMO, I’m making the best work I’ve ever made. It’s about being part of a community of inspiring storytellers, all motivating each other. I passionately believe in finding new venues for our expression – in our industry and the world at large.”

Demonstrating his unique knowledge and expertise forged alongside leading global creative and business luminaries, Rani’s accomplishments at The Mill LA helped shape the company’s vision and culture, while bringing together global business units across its parent company. And as a trusted partner with Traktor for nearly 18 years, he worked intimately with illustrious agencies worldwide, producing multi-million dollar campaigns with the world’s leading brands, and earning every major creative award.

It was a love for cycling – and their shared affiliation with The Fireflies – which first united DOMO’s founders. Rani addressed this: “The same drive we have while cycling applies to meeting the challenges that are constantly ahead of us in business. Focusing attention on our shared values then watching creativity manifest. This gives us meaning. That’s when you know it’s right.”

Together, Rani, André, and their colleagues see a bright future for DOMO. A table is set for a new era in creative collaboration, where everyone is welcome, and encouraged.

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Gift of the Game
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